Thursday, February 24, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. After the 10k on Saturday they were handing out coconut water.  I'd never had it before, but I like coconut, so I figured I would like coconut water.  Plus, the container said "it's just like putting a straw in a coconut."  Sounded tasty to me!  Well, it wasn't.  I couldn't finish it.  I definitely will not be adding coconut water to my hydration routine. 

2. I have known since signing up that the Four Courts Four Miler consists of two miles downhill and then two miles straight back up.  I live right near there, but tend to avoid the hill on principle because it is particularly long and steep.  I have run it before (and walk up it relatively regularly), so I more or less have a general idea of what I am getting myself into.  The other day I was thinking that, given how convenient it is, maybe I should try to incorporate the hill into a few of my runs over the next few weeks.  But I can't decide, is it better to really know the hill and the pain that is coming or to just know that it's going to be painful and not have all the details stamped in my brain on race day?  What would you do?

3. I have become slightly obsessed this week with trying to decide if I definitely want to sign up for a fall marathon this year and, if I do, which one to pick.   It's something I've been thinking about since I finished my last marathon in December, but the intensity has picked up this week.  I think it's because Marines Corps registration opened yesterday (even though that's not on my potential races list) and I just found out that I'll most likely be traveling for two weddings in October (which should make fitting in long runs a bit more complicated).  The other factor is that I'm about 99% sure that I am going to sign up for the 2012 Disney World marathon (and maybe go Goofy!) held on the first weekend in January.  My friend K and I have been talking about it since we both ran 2009 MCM and I think we've settled on 2012 as the year.  I had success last year running two marathons that were about eight weeks apart and am considering that type of schedule again.  The other choices are to go marathon-free in 2011 or to pick a significantly earlier marathon (like San Francisco at the end of July), start training shortly after the National Half, and then have a break before starting up training again for Disney.


Katie said...

coconut water is funky and weird. and last year i ran 4 courts on no hill training. it's better to not know.

Morgan said...

I know it tastes weird but it packs a TON of potassium, great for replacing electrolytes too. I drink some in the mornings to get a jump start for my runs later in the day. I find it's easier to choke down then sugary sports drinks. Try O.N.E. brand, it comes with "a hint of pineapple" flavor, it might help you get past the weirdness.

Can you believe MCM already sold out?!?!? Holy smokes that was fast!

If you end up doing Goofy I can't wait to read your training adventures, I am so intrigued about it how to prepare for it! Good luck!

Rachel said...

SF is an awesome marathon, and would make a great destination race, too. I really want to do Disney and do the Goofy Challenge, but it's so pricey that I'm not sure this will be my year. Whatever you decide I'm sure will be great!

Wifey said...

Never tried coconut water; doesn't sound tasty, but I've heard that its really good for you.

This is my first time here, looking forward to coming back.

Winks & Smiles,

Beth said...

That hill is a killer. I agree with Katie, its better not to know. Just remember, there is beer at the top!