Thursday, March 24, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. I haven't mentioned my mother yet on this blog, but she is a speedy runner.  I have yet to beat her in a single race and she regularly places in her age group.  She is also running the half marathon on Saturday.  Last year she finished 10 minutes ahead of me, but I have improved significantly in the last year.  Will this be the race that I finally finish ahead of her?  I think it will be a lot closer, but she may still get the win.  After saying that she didn't feel like she was running as fast this year, and wasn't sure if she could do the same time in the half, she went out and had a great race at the St. Patrick's Day 8k.  Not only did she beat her goal pace by almost 30 seconds a mile, she also got second place in her age group!  Slowing down?  I don't think so. :)

2. Saturday is going to be a LONG (but fun) day.  After the race I have to head home quickly and get ready for a bridal shower for my good friend G.  There is also a bachelorette party Saturday night.  While I am really excited for these events, and to see all of my college friends who are coming to town, I am a bit concerned that there is no time in my schedule for a nap.  I already have problems staying up late and if I run as hard as I want to run in the half, I could be struggling to keep my eyes open by the time the evening festivities even start!   Hopefully I don't fall asleep in a booth in some dark corner of the bar and get left behind.  I have, of course, planned my outfits for both events so that I can wear compression socks.  Cute dress with tall boots?  Yes, please!

3.  I was very happy to see Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs on the shelf when I was at Target last weekend.  Why is it that all of the holiday versions taste so much better than the regular peanut butter cups?  It has to be something about the difference in the peanut butter/chocolate ratio.   I would have to say that the "holiday" Reese's are probably my favorite candy. 



Anonymous said...

Stay awake and have some fun with your boots on!! :)
I am with you on those reeses, there seems to be much more peanut butter and is it me or is it softer and gooier...

Rachel said...

i love that your mom is a runner, too! as far as Saturday goes, just think, with a PR you can ride that high to get you through the night! those reese's are the best, you are right on about the peanut butter to chocolate ratio : )