Thursday, March 1, 2012

February Recap

I might not have blogged much in February, but I was still getting my workouts in!

Miles: 89.09 (+ ~42 miles in the pool)

X-Training:  8 swims

Rest Days:  4

Race(s): None

New gear: Newtons! Of course I actually got these in January, but didn't get a chance to run in them until this month.  So far I'm really liking them, but I'm limiting myself to one run a week.

Workout goals:
Smart return to running - My original "return to running" plans were derailed when I still was having butt pain when I started running again after my three week break.  I started PT and am working diligently to get my right glute to do what it is supposed to do.  Fortunately the PT didn't tell me that I needed to stop running, so I've delayed my return to the track and logged lots of easy miles.

Swim - I'm happy to saying that I met my goal of swimming 2x a week.  I'm finally getting back to a happy place with swimming and I like it.

Planks and strengthening exercises - It wasn't quite what I envisioned, but my PT assigned me a number of daily strengthening exercises and stretches that I've been doing religiously.

Non-workout goal: Continue the apartment cleanup - I didn't get much done with this.  I'm not sure what happened, but the month got away from me.

February was most certainly not the month that I was expecting.  I was looking forward to a glorious return to running and had planned that by the middle of the month I'd be back at track and tempo workouts.  Unfortunately, my body had other plans and I started PT instead.  Given that "situation," I'm very pleased with the month I had.  I still managed to run almost 90 miles and finally got myself back into a good swimming routine.  I feel like I'm making progress in PT and I'm committed to doing whatever it takes to get my right glute working like it should.

March Preview

Workout goals:
(All of these are going to sound familiar)

Keep swimming! - The 2x a week schedule is working out well and I plan to keep it up in March

Smart running - I'd like to increase my mileage this month and keep on steadily working on my base. I feel like I'm close to the point where I could introduce a bit of speed back into my running schedule.  I know that I need to be very careful about this and hyper-aware of how my body is responding.  There's no need to rush this and cause more problems down the line.

Stretching and foam rolling - I'm not sure how many more weeks of PT I have ahead of me, but I know that even once that is over, I am going to need to keep up the stretching routine.  I also know that I need to be better about using my foam roller on a regular basis

Races: None. I do plan on getting out and spectating some local races this month!

Non-workout goal: One of my "personal" goals for 2012 is to volunteer more.  I have a few places in mind, but so far I haven't taken the time to reach out and get started.  I will do this in March.


amy said...

We need a pool date!

Redhead Running said...

Keep at that PT and you'll be stronger than ever! Great month all the same, especially considering the minor setback. Bring on March!

Sarah said...

want to be a cheer leader with me at the RnR half?

Victoria (The District Chocoholic) said...

I'm glad that we now have a trend of people calling muscle/ligament issues "situations" instead of "injuries." I think it's a huge step.

So for your non-workout goal, the team I coach is hosting a meet with swimmers from all over the southeastern U.S. next weekend. Want to volunteer there :D?

Katie said...

keeeeeeeeeep swimming! looking forward to the Big Girl swim this weekend, and by looking forward I mean cowering under the bed.

AKA Darkwave, AKA Anarcha, AKA Cris. said...

Second Victoria. They're tweaks.

I need to follow your example on the apartment cleaning.

J said...

I need to foam roll more too! I just get lazy and don't move from the couch at night. Great job on the month of February! Hopefully your butt continues to strengthen with those exercises!

Jon said...

And this is the start to your season? Woah!

Emily P said...

There must be something in the water. I'm in the same "situation" as you. Started seeing a PT a few weeks ago for shin splints, piriformis and IT band. Crossing my fingers I can return to running March! Best of luck to you!

Elizabeth said...

Nice to get an update from you. I had assumed you weren't running very much, but I am glad I was wrong. :-)