Monday, October 1, 2012

Richmond Marathon Training - Week 8

Monday September 24
Run 8.15 mi
A relaxed, easy run commute to start the week. This is consistently my slowest run of the week and that is totally intentional. I don't look at my watch and just let my legs loosen up and work out all the tightness built up after the tempo and long run combo at the end of the previous week.

Tuesday September
Run 10.25 mi - AM
10x800 (3:36/3:30/3:26/3:26/3:24/3:19/3:20/3:20/3:19/3:18)
I was definitely intimidated heading into this workout and couldn't be happier about how it turned out. My goal was to at least get to eight repeats, with the hope that I would feel fine and could get through all ten. I knew that the mileage was much more important that speed, so I really focused on staying controlled and cruising along. I finished feeling like I had worked hard, but like I could have managed a few more repeats at the same pace. I'm really proud of how I executed this workout.

Yoga - 75 mins - PM

Wednesday September 26
Run 8.95 mi - AM
Run 5.15 mi - PM
My biggest double day to date. I met up with the CAR morning run group and then went to the fun run at night. It helps so much to have people to run with on what ends up being a pretty long day.

Thursday September 27
Run 7.8 mi
2 mi tempo (7:22/7:18) and 1 mi tempo (7:25)
I much prefer the morning workouts, but was told not to do a Friday tempo and Saturday long run with marathon pace intervals. So instead I headed to my first night workout in a long time. We couldn't use the track, so these were done out on the trail. The goal was 10k race pace, a bit slower than a normal tempo. I was aiming for something around 7:30, so these were a bit quick. The two miler was aided by a long, subtle downhill, while the mile was run coming back up that slight hill.

Friday September 28
Swim 3000 yards
I was tempted to stay in bed and move this workout to Sunday, but I'm glad I got myself to the pool. I felt pretty tired and achey when I first got up and a long relaxed swim really helped loosen things up and made me feel so much better.

Saturday September 29
Run 16.2 mi with marathon pace pickups
4 mi (8:18/8:03/8:07/8:13)
3 mi (8:16/8:16/8:11)
2 mi (8:18/8:18)
1 mi (8:06)
In comparison to Tuesday's workout, this run was not that well executed, at least at the start. The goal was to run 8:15-8:20 pace on marathon pace sections. I went too fast on the four mile section. And even though I knew it was too fast, I got sucked into the "this pace feels totally comfortable so I should keep going" mentality. And while it wasn't all that much faster than planned, I really think that it made the other three repeats harder than they would have been. The main reason it concerns me is that I have ruined many a race (including one marathon) by starting out faster than planned because it seemed fine at the time. This is not something I can afford to do in Richmond. If I feel better than planned at mile 15 or 16, sure I'll pick up the pace. But in the early miles I have to force myself to stick to the planned pace.

Sunday September 30

Week 8 - 56.5 mi
This was week two of my five really big weeks of training and I think it went really well. I hit my highest weekly mileage ever, while still feeling strong during key workouts. Now I just have to focus on keeping this up for the next three weeks. I know it is becoming even more important to make sure I am sleeping well, eating right, and staying hydrated.


Sarah said...

woot! awesome week. You are going to do great at Richmond

KateKirk said...

I learned the "sleeping well" lesson over the last two weeks when work-related travel and late nights left me on the verge of feeling sick...GAH! Being more mindful of that part of my training now. 27 days to go!

Jessica Karazsia (@irun26at8) said...

You are working hard, girl! Not only hard, but smart. It is amazing what good sleep can do for you...mentally and physically.

AKA Darkwave, AKA Anarcha, AKA Cris. said...

Very nice job on the 10x800! And the whole week, for that matter.

Isn't running fast on the W&OD in the dark kinda surreal?

Elizabeth said...

Fantastic week!

I think that now that you've gotten so much faster, tempo pace would be slower than your 10K pace. In other words, I think you could run a 10K faster than what you consider "tempo". :-)

Anyway, you nailed your workouts this week! Nice job!

Katie said...

Whoa. Baller week. You're leaving everyone in the dust!