Monday, October 8, 2012

Richmond Marathon training - Week 9

Monday October 1
Run 8.15 mi
Run commute to kick of the week.

Tuesday October 2
Run 8.5 mi
3x1200 (5:13/5:11/5:11)
3x400 (1:39/1:38/1:35)
This was a bit of a cutback week at the track, after week 8's five miles of intervals. I welcomed the break and really focused on hitting the exact times on the interval chart. Unfortunately I never hit it exactly on the nose, for either the 1200s (5:12) or 400s (1:37), but trying to do that made things a bit more fun. And I came pretty close. Clearly I have my new goal for the rest of this training cycle!

Yoga - 75 min (PM)

Wednesday October 3
Run 10 mi (AM)
Run 5.5 mi (PM)
Another solid double day, followed by an early bedtime. By the time I get to Wednesday night, I am very happy that Thursday is my rest day.

Thursday October 4

Friday October 5
Run 8.2 mi
4 mi tempo - 29:23 (7:38/7:28/7:17/7:00)
I wasn't sure how I would feel, but my legs were in pretty good shape. I got tasked with pacing duties by my regular pack and I think I did a pretty good job. Incremental, but steady improvement for each mile.

Saturday October 6
Run 20.9 mi (avg pace - 8:46)
This run did not feel nearly as good as the 20 two weeks before, but the time was more or less the same, so I can't complain. It was really the last five miles or so, when I was trying to run at marathon pace, where I felt the biggest difference. My legs were tired and I couldn't quite stay with my teammates when they picked up the pace. If I think about all of the miles I've been running recently this makes total sense, so it's not something that concerns me.

Sunday October 7
Swim 2800 yds
A pretty lazy swim, but I knew I needed to do some type of recovery activity. My body was definitely feeling the effects of a big week.

Week 9 - 61.25 mi
My first 60+ mile week! These miles are definitely making me tired (and ever so appreciative of rest days and cross training days), but that is to be expected. No strange aches or pains so I'm going to try keep up the miles for the next two weeks and the final push until the last 20 miler. This is the part of the training cycle when I start to long for taper. Of course, when it gets here I will hate it, but right now it sounds like the best thing ever.


MJ said...

Wow, impressive week!

I'm seeing a lot of training plans doing a shorter run (usu ez, not tempo) the day before a long run. I guess the theory is to pre-fatigue the legs and build experience running through cumulative fatigue, more simulating the last, tougher part of a race than the easier first miles.

What, if any, improvements or benefits are you noticing from this approach?

I'm thinking about trying it for my next training cycle (not for next race, but ones after). I'm training for the Richmond half, working my way back to full marathons one half at a time. :)

Seems like you're on track for a great race, look forward to hearing about it and maybe I'll see you there!

Elizabeth said...

A Double!!!

That's awesome that you are still swimming in the midst of all these miles.

Dash said...

Wow, what a great week! 60 miles!!!!

That tempo is rock star, and to follow it with 20+ miles!! DUDE!

Sarah said...

another great week of training!

David said...

What a great week of training. I have one more week until my taper and I'm longing for it, but like you, I know when it gets here I'll start going crazy.

Beth said...

holy high mileage!! Nice work!

If you are interested, I'm swimming on Thursday morning. I have a coached workout and everything!

Katie said...

you are a little ridiculous, you know that? in a good way of course.

FitnessFatale said...

Wow that is quite a week! That 20 miler pace is really impressive after such a high volume week. I have a feeling you are going to kill it at the marathon!