Friday, April 1, 2011

March Recap

Miles: 90.67

X-Training: 10 (Bike -1, Swim -1, Yoga -1, Elliptical - 7)

Rest Days: 7

Race(s): Four Courts Four Miler - 32:24 and the National Half Marathon - 1:59:03.  Two new PRs!  I'd never actually run a four mile race before, but I'll take a PR anyway I can get it!

New gear: Lime green CEP compression socks.  I'd been thinking about getting these for a while and a St. Patrick's Day race was the perfect excuse!

Workout goals: Yoga once a week - How about once all month?  FAIL
                           Biking and swimming at least 3 times (each) - I didn't do much better here.  I managed to swim and bike only once each.  FAIL
                           Strong race at the National Half Marathon - Success!
                           Register for a a triathlon - I have yet to register for a race. FAIL
Non-workout goal: Clean up the clutter in my apartment.  I didn't manage to work on this at all. I'm not sure what happened but I didn't tackle any clutter in March.  FAIL

Ice cream flavor of the month: Edy's Samoa

I didn't manage to meet many of my goals this month, but at least I managed to achieve the biggest one, a strong race at the National Half Marathon!  I am quite happy with my 10 minute PR and new sub-2 hour time.  My triathlon prep fell to the side, but given my travel early in the month and my goal race at the end of the month, I'm not totally surprised.  My running miles were also down a bit from last month, but I think that's to be expected with a taper and my post-race "rest" week this past week.

April Preview

Workout goals: I didn't meet many of my goals in March, so I'm sticking with the same ones for April.  It's time to get serious about triathlon training and also register for a race so that my training has a purpose!
                           Yoga once a week
                           Biking and swimming at least 3 times (each)
                           Register for a a triathlon.
                           Keep up a good running base while training without a specific plan
Races: I don't have any on the schedule for April, but I do have the Broad Street Run on May 1.

Non-workout goal: I STILL need to clean up the clutter in my apartment.  Month 3, here I come.  Will this be the goal all year? ;-)


Katie said...

i'm still so pumped for you and your half PR!

Morgan said...

You are creeping up on the hundo club for mileage! Great month chica and congrats on the PR"S!!!!

Anonymous said...

yay!! 2 New PR's!! I hate cleaning!

amy said...

Awesome job on the PRs! You can always work on the rest of the stuff this month :)

Beth said...

Congrats on your huge PR's this month!

I've had that same declutter goal for two years. It remains at the top of the list and nothing gets done. Le sigh.