Monday, April 18, 2011

Week in Review - 4/10-4/16

Sunday - April 10
Bike 17.2 mi; Run 3.1 mi
As I mentioned in my biking post, my knee felt pretty good on this ride (it just was still sore/painful afterwards).  I decided I would attempt my first brick workout and added a short run at the end.  My legs felt strange (as is to be expected), but it ended up being really fast.  I guess I just assumed that I must be going slowly so I pushed the pace more than I realized?  Once my legs loosened up and felt "normal," I actually slowed down.  Strange.

Monday - April 11
Run 4.1 mi

Tuesday - April 12
Elliptical - 45 min

Wednesday - April 13
Run 8 mi with 3 miles tempo
This was a run home from work and my plan was to warm up for 2 miles, run 3 miles at my 10 mile goal race pace and then cool down for approximately two miles. I figured anywhere in the 6.5-7 mile range would be good.  I didn't really estimate my route very well and ended up with eight miles.  Fortunately, it was a beautiful night to be out and I didn't really mind.  I felt better pushing the pace in the tempo portion than I had in the week before, though it was pretty windy going around Hains Point and I didn't quite hit the times I wanted.

Thursday - April 14
Swim 2500 yds
This was nothing exciting, but I was glad I made it to the pool.  I really want to be swimming once a week.

Friday - April 15
Run 3.05 mi
This was an easy recovery run and I got to watch the sun come up over the monuments.  Not a bad way to end the work week.

Saturday - April 16
I knew Sunday would be beautiful and it was pouring all day on Saturday.  I debated going to the gym or the pool for some cross-training, but then I realized I hadn't taken a day off all week.  Plus, with the way the weather was, I had no interest in leaving my couch.


J said...

The tulips are out!!?? Wow I love tulips! Looks like a beautiful run - except for the wind! I wish the flowers were out here! We just got a dusting of snow here :(

Rachel said...

great week! i love the variety, i'm looking forward to my schedule looking like yours rather than allll running. i had the same experience on my first couple bricks. it's so weird because you feel slow, but your legs are going much faster! don't know why that is either : )

Anonymous said...

Great week!!
Love the pictures and glad the knee feels better.