Monday, April 25, 2011

Week in Review - 4/17-4/23

This ended up looking like a pretty big week for me mileage-wise, but that's only because I bumped my long run for the week before to Sunday because of all the rain on Saturday.  So in my head, I'm not violating the 10% increase rule because Sunday's miles go with the week before.

Sunday - April 17
Run 12.0 mi
This was my longest long run in my mini training cycle for the Broad Street Run.  I felt good and was able to hit the pace I wanted without feeling like I was working too hard.

Rock Creek Park 

First attempt at a running self-portrait

Monday - April 18
Elliptical 40 min.
Normally I run on Mondays, but with my long run the day before, I decided to recover on the elliptical.

Tuesday - April 19
Run 5.25 mi
Although I hadn't registered for the Friday 5k at this point, I had it on my radar and decided that would be my hard run for the week.  So both Tuesday and Wednesday's runs were at an even, consistent pace.  Not recovery runs, but not too hard either.

Wednesday - April 20
Run 5.35 mi
Thursday - April 21
Swim 2600 yds
I decided to mix things up and attempted Beth's IM pyramid.  Because I hadn't done any IM in a really long time, I cut out the two longest repeats (a 250 free and 200 IM).   I figured there was no harm in easing back into butterfly.  Still, that 150 of butterfly during the set really got to me and my arms were pretty tired by the end!  It definitely made the distance pass by quickly, so I'm sure I'll be doing it again.

Friday - April 22
Run 3.6 mi (Crystal City 5k, plus a brief warmup)
I hadn't announced on the blog that I would be doing this race, but I knew that I wanted to get to Crystal City for at least on the of the Friday 5ks.  This ended up being the day that worked best with my schedule, so despite the weather I headed over after work.  It ended up being a good decision since I got a new PR!  A full race report is coming.
Saturday - April 23
Run 8.0 mi
I wasn't sure how my legs were going to feel after my hard effort on Friday night.  They were definitely more tired than normal so I took it easy on my last long run before Broad Street next Sunday!  It was overcast the whole time I was out, but fortunately the rain stayed away.


amy said...

Great week! Congrats on the PR and getting in the miles. I didn't realize you were doing Broad Street - I've heard great things about it!

Katie said...

have fun at broad street - and let me know when you want to ride together!

Beth said...

Congrats on the 5k PR! I look forward to the recap.

Glad you liked the IM Pyramid workout. I like it because it mixes things up so much that the time just flies by. Nice job!

Rachel said...

nice work this week! i'm envious of your swimming skills, i couldn't do butterfly to save my life! and congrats on the 5k PR, looking forward to the report!

Anonymous said...

Wow really great workouts this week and congrats on the race! I'm reading it now! :)