Friday, September 23, 2011

Random Friday Facts - Computer edition

1. My new laptop is here!

2. My first computer (freshman year of college) was a giant tank - the Apple G3 all-in-one

3. I haven't had a working printer in years.

4. I like Macs but I really love being able to right click on a mouse (and yes, I know there are ways around that)

5. I didn't have an email address until my freshman year of college.

6. I used to be very good at Snood. Sadly I haven't played in a while.

7. I took a semester long keyboarding class in 7th grade.  I would say it's the most useful class I've ever taken, hands down.

8. I want an iPad but I can't justify purchasing one.

9. I know most people's jobs would be different without computers, but mine would change significantly.  I'm very happy I don't have to maintain a card catalog!
10. I did all my college applications on a typewriter.  Who even owns a typewriter now?


Sarah said...

OMG Snood!!! I think my parents still play it when they are bored.

A typewriter! wow.. I'm glad you have a new shiny lap top now :)

Elizabeth said...

I took a keyboarding class in 7th grade too and it's proven extremely valuable. An iPad is totally worth it. I use mine every day-- more than my regular computer:
- Wake up to iPad Alarm
- Use Clock app on iPad for Planks
- Use iPod on iPad for music getting dressed in the morning
- Come home, relax by playing chess on iPad against friends
- Relax some more by reading Twitter.
- Listen to iPod music on iPad while husband cooks dinner
- While settling into bed, read blogs on iPad
- Occassionally watch movie in bed on iPad.

So, if you want one, it has a ton of uses. It's great for road trips, plane rides, doctor's office waiting rooms.

Anyway, your post certainly reminds me on how far we have come with technology!!!

Jon said...

Omg I loved snood! Haven't thought about that game in a looooong time.

Congrats on the computer!

{will run for margaritas} said...

haha, this is awesome! I love your all-in-one computer - totally cool - but your new laptop is way cooler :)

I have a mac and I REALLY miss the right click!