Friday, September 2, 2011

Random Friday Facts

1, My friend Heather and I became obsessed with pickles in high school.  I can't remember why, but we bought anything (and everything) pickle related.  Candy, gum, jewelry... I still have my pickle necklace!

2. I don't drink colas or dark sodas.  I had a few years with some stomach issues and they are tied in my head to Diet Coke & Diet Pepper, even though I know they weren't the cause.

3. I wanted to be a vet until I realized I couldn't handle the pressure of surgery (or animals dying).

4. I love the Metro, despite its many faults.

5. I hate paying for shipping when I shop online.

6. I love the movie Babe.  It always makes me cry and cheers me up at the same time.

7. I've always been intrigued by the idea of shaving my head.  I knew a girl who did and her hair came back curly.  I wonder if that would have happened to me.

8. I love reading memoirs.  I wish my life were more exciting so I could write one.

9. I am VERY excited that football season is here.  Best time of the year.

10. I can't handle spicy food.  I wish that I could.  Any tips for improving my tolerance?


amy said...

My best friend and I were the same way with cows! It was weird, but thinking back on it makes me smile.

Sarah said...

I just spent an extra $100 dollars (for free shipping) at nordstrom because I didn't want to pay the 8 dollars in shipping.

I like the metro too, even though it does suck sometimes. To me it's still better than driving.

Katie said...

YES! football.

i also wanted to be a vet until i was in high school. sad puppies. :(

Elizabeth said...

Pickles... interesting! I'm the same way with spicy food. I hear that once you're "into" spicy food then things taste bland without it. Be grateful that you don't need that extra spice!

Jon said...

I'll make ya a deal. I'll shave my legs if you shave your head? ;)

.....i don't think thats very even....

hdw said...

Hear you on the spicy factor - i recently started adding a touch of cayanne pepper to chicken (i read about its health benefits) but am also hoping this will increase my buds for hot foods. Luck

Heather said...

Yay, pickles! Is there a pickle-flavored energy gel on the market yet? ;) I also love the movie Babe, have the same vet interest/disinterest trajectory, and am desperately trying to build my spice tolerance. No, don't shave your head, Allison! :)