Thursday, September 8, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. WALD - Are you doing anything special to celebrate WALD (Weekend After Labor Day)?  I'm headed to the Jersey Shore to spend the weekend with my college friends.  We started the WALD tradition in 2003 and have been getting together every year since!  It works out really well because everyone knows to save this weekend.  Occasionally we have one or two people who have to miss it, but this year all 8 of us will be there!  I highly recommend starting a WALD tradition of your own!

2. Football - When I started this blog in January, my favorite team, the Redskins, had long been eliminated from playoff contention. So the extent of my love of football has been kept hidden.  But with the season kicking off today and the most important game (Skins v. Giants) on Sunday, my football fever is at full strength.  Given that this is a running blog, I promise not to talk about it TOO much.  I love fall for many reasons, including cool weather for running, but one of the big ones is that I can spend every Sunday afternoon/evening watching games.  The perfect way to recover from a hard week of training.

3. Tired - I cruised through the first five weeks of marathon training with no issues, but this is the week that it has all caught up to me.  It's nothing unusual or painful, I'm just tired.  It's as if my body finally woke up and realized what I have been doing for over a month.  I'm sure a big contributing factor is that I added two quality workouts to my schedule last week, but the overall miles are creeping up as well.  Fortunately this week is a step back week and I'm planning to more or less take the weekend off, so I should be ready to go again on Monday.  But it's a good reminder that I need to be more aware of my sleep, nutrition and hydration.  Things are only going to pick up from here, so I need to be as prepared as possible!


Jon said...

If you are going to talk about Football, just talk about the Patriots, ok? Thanks.

Have fun this weekend! Don't go too Snooky ;)

Victoria (The District Chocoholic) said...

This weekend, I'm going to a truffle tasting event with the chocolate maker there to answer questions. You are jealous.

Seems like a lot of people hit the exhaustion wall this week. I spent almost all of Monday in bed, but feel better now. And yeah, step back week. Good stuff.

Elizabeth said...

LOL on the "WALD". I am going to a wedding! I also can't believe that you are already five weeks into training. Seems like just yesterday you started!

Katie said...

I think the weather is helping out with the tired. I'm wiped. have a GREAT weekend!

amy said...

WALD = brilliant.

As for football, it really is too bad that you're away this weekend. Planning for December starts now.

Liz said...

That tradition sounds really fun. Hopefully you will get a lot of rest and recover for next week.
I start living for step back weeks as marathon training goes on, they help so much.

Beth said...

I think its been that kind of week for everyone.

Go Giants!