Monday, November 7, 2011

Philadelphia Marathon Training Week 14

Monday October 31
I felt really tired after 21 miles on Saturday and several hours standing and spectating the Marine Corps Marathon on Sunday so I decided to take Monday completely off.

Tuesday November 1
Run 8 mi
2x1200, 2x800, 2x400
Another good workout at the track.  I am a big fan of two repeats because there is no middle one!  The first and last are never that bad, it's always those ones in the middle that are mentally tough.  So 2x a bunch of different differences is ideal for me.

Wednesday November 2
Run 6.05 mi
An easy run commute

Thursday November 3
Run 6.0 mi
Since I took off Monday, I did an easy run instead of taking my normal Thursday rest day.

Friday November 4
Pool run 60 min/6 mi
My legs had been feeling a bit sore all week so rather than do an easy run for the third day in a row, I decided to pool run instead.

Saturday November 5

Sunday November 6
National Race to End Women's Cancer 8k + 4.6 mi of warm up and cool down
70 min/7 mi pool run
Sunday morning I ran in the National Race to End Women's Cancer 8k. I also convinced my mom and sister to sign up, so it was a family race day. A full race report is coming, but it went really well and I improved my (old, outdated) 8k PR by more than 10 minutes!  I warmed up about 2 miles before the race and cooled down for about 2.5.  Then later in the afternoon I headed to the pool for a nice, easy pool run.

Week 14: 29.6 mi (+13 mi pool running)
I was hoping for a few more land miles this week, but I think that my legs needed the break.  At this point in the game, avoiding injury is the main priority. It's still hard for me to believe that this race is now just two weeks away!


amy said...

It's taper time!

Jon said...

Great meeting you Saturday night! How were the cookies? ;)

You had EXCELLENT weather Sunday morning for your race.

Dash said...

Congrats on your race!!! Glad to see you pool running at any ache, that'll keep you strong & uninjured for Philly! :)

Elizabeth said...

I like your thinking on the intervals and the 2 x whatever distance because you only have a first and last! Your priority of resting the legs is spot on. I hope you do a race report for your phenomenal 8K!

Sarah said...

It looks like you had another great week of training. Can't wait to here about your awesome 8k

Rachel said...

strong taper week! i like the idea of only 2 intervals, and also of mixing up the distances...may have to try that workout when i finally start doing speedwork again. congrats on the new PR, looking forward to hearing about it!

Katie said...

hooray for tapering!!