Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November Recap

Miles: 107.53

X-Training: 8 (4 pool runs, 2 elliptical, 2 stationary bike)

Rest Days: 8

Race(s): National Race to End Women's Cancer 8k (PR - 38:02) and the big one, the Philadelphia Marathon (PR - 4:01:23)!

Workout goals: 
Stay injury-free and sane during taper - Well, there were some crazy periods during taper (and some imaginary foot pain), but I got to the race injury-free so that's all that matters!

Crush the Philadelphia marathon - DONE! 39 minute PR. 

Non-workout goal: Wisely I didn't pick a goal for this month.  The marathon consumed all of my thoughts and energy.

Ice cream flavor of the month: Pumpkin (a repeat from last month, but it's just so good!)

The focus of November was getting to the Philadelphia Marathon ready to race and then running my heart out.  I ran an 8k as a tune up two weeks before the marathon and along with picking up a new PR, it showed me that I was right on track.  After a lot of thought, I finally decided I was going for sub 4:00 and shared that goal with the Internet.  Although I didn't quite get there, the marathon was a total success.  I showed myself that I can run faster than I ever thought I could and I know that I'm only just getting started. There is a lot of progress yet to be made!

December Preview

Workout goals:
Get in a few good long runs - I think this is the only crucial thing I need to do this month in order to be ready for Goofy.  I'm not concerned with time in either race, I just need to make sure that my legs are ready to cover the distance

Pool run at least once a week - Pool running is a good way for me to keep up my fitness and give my legs a bit of break as I recover from Philly/prep for Goofy

Stay motivated and mix things up when needed - I don't want to get stressed about what I need to do to be ready for Goofy.  So my plan is to give myself a break and throw in my cross training or rest days if I start to feel at all burned out or have any pre-injury twinges

Races: None on the schedule right now
Non-workout goal:  Get back to trying new recipes.  I've been slacking the last few months


Sarah said...

I can't wait to hear about how Goffy goes!

Also I still need to try pool running. I think I'm the only one who doesn't do it.

speedlaces said...

I think I commented on this last month, but where does one find pumpkin ice cream?!?

Also, this was a killer month for you. Congrats on all that :)

Jessica Karazsia (@irun26at8) said...

Awesome month! Those imaginary pains/tweeks are the best part of tapering. Ha. Funny how our brains work. Looking forward to seeing you at the pool!

Katie said...

THE BIG ONE!! Keep reminding us how awesome you are please. :) said...

Good for you for setting reasonable, scaled-back physical goals to let your body absorb the benefits of a killer racing month. Maybe December will be the month you post lots of delicious recipes for us to try (hint, hint!)!

Elizabeth said...

Pumpkin ice cream is awesome. Especially if you add a graham cracker topping or graham cracker crust! Congrats on a killer 11-2011!