Monday, November 14, 2011

Philadelphia Marathon Training - Week 15

Monday November 7
Run 4.25 mi
A nice easy (short) run to start off the week.

Tuesday November 8
Run 7.13 mi
I felt okay warming up but once this workout started I realized that I had a lot less energy than normal.  My legs just didn't want to move, which I'm sure was a result of Sunday's 8k.  I cut the workout a bit short (missed an 800) and called it a day.  I know that nothing I am doing this week is going to make or break my marathon in a positive way and I don't want to end up injured.

This was also the day that I first started feeling cranky (just in case anyone was making bets on that at home). I need my regular dose of endorphins!

Wednesday November 9
Run 4.33 mi
My last run commute this training cycle!  I was finally able to take the most direct route to work since I didn't need to fit in any extra miles. 

Thursday November 10

Friday November 11
Run 6.44 mi with 5k tempo
My legs were feeling much better than they had on Tuesday, so I was hoping to wrap up my tempo training with a strong 5k.  All went according to plan and I had my fastest 5k time this training cycle and one that was only 10 seconds off of my 5k PR.  It was also about two and a half minutes faster than my first tempo workout in September.  I'm very happy with how I have progressed in just under four months and what this means for the marathon.

Saturday November 12
Elliptical 40 min
After a super lazy morning spent tracking friends running Richmond (so inspired by all of the great races!), I decided to head to the gym for a bit just to get my legs moving.  This may be the easiest I have ever gone on the elliptical.

Sunday November 13
Run 8.09 mi
The last long(ish) run before Philadelphia!  I always love how by this point in training 8 miles seems like such a short run.  Being able to do most of my long runs with Thom has really made this training cycle so much more enjoyable and I'm glad we were able to meet up for this last one.

Week 15: 30.24 mi
Due to achy legs last week, I dropped my weekly mileage more quickly than I would have liked.  So rather than drop it again this week, I did a similar amount but didn't have supplemental miles in the pool.  The upcoming week will be super easy and I plan to show up in Philly on Sunday with legs that are ready to run!


Beth said...

You have come SO FAR this training season. I cannot WAIT to be there for your marathon this weekend!! Keep the taper crazies at bay as much as possible, and yelling is a perfectly acceptable reaction to any sneeze/cough/sniffle within 50ft.

Lauren said...

hooray! I am so excited to cheer you on this weekend! :)

Victoria (The District Chocoholic) said...

Thanks for tracking us at Richmond :). And yeah, that last "long run" is almost humorous. You wind up done so early that you are like "crap, what do most people do on the weekends?"

Jon said...

Can't wait to cheer you on to your finish! Based upon what I have witnessed via this blog over the past 15 weeks, its gonna be a GOOD day for you!!!

amy said...

Taper madness - you are so, so close! Can't wait for the weekend!

Katie said...

can i be more excited for you than thom? ok, i can. don't tell him.

Anonymous said...

My lasy long run felt like death! Hoping the bad is out- time to let the good in!

Liz said...

You know you are in marathon training when you 1. run to work and 2. add miles to the run commute. I'm so excited your race is almost here!

Rachel said...

you are SO close and have come SO far!! try to get some rest and not go too stir-crazy over this next week : )

Elizabeth said...

You've made such amazing "progress" this season! I can't wait to see how you do this weekend!!!

Sarah said...

You are going to do so great this weekend! Wish I could be there to cheer you on

LAPT said...

Man, I have a feeling you're going to eat that marathon for breakfast! And then have room for pancakes afterward! It is so great that you and Thom were able to train together, and I think it'll be a confidence booster to have him with you at the start.