Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Richmond Marathon Training - Week 4

Monday August 27
I took the day off from work since I got back so late from Portland and was planning to run at some point. By the time I got a bunch of errands done it was late afternoon. I got changed into running clothes and realized that I was dead tired. So I changed back and skipped the run. I rarely feel this way so I knew it was the right call.

Tuesday August 28
Run 6.0 mi - AM
Yoga 60 min - PM

I had strict instructions take it easy all week to recover from Hood to Coast. So instead of heading to the track, I went out around my neighborhood instead.

Wednesday August 29
Run 4.25 mi - AM
Run 5.15 mi - PM

My first double run day! I eased myself into this routine with a short run commute in the morning and the CAR fun run at night. My goal is to slowly build up the length of the morning run.

Thursday August 30
Swim 3000 yds
I've been trying to do more than just freestyle to keep things interesting, and my body is still adjusting. I only ended up doing three 200 IMs, but I could feel that 150 of butterfly in my upper back for two days. Definitely a sign that I need to be doing more of this. That amount of butterfly should not be nearly so painful!

Friday August 31
Run 7.85 mi
Another relaxed, easy run. I met up with Amy for five miles and then finished up by running to work.

Saturday September 1
Run 15.0 mi (avg pace - 8:43)
It was a very hot and humid morning, definitely the type that I thought might be behind us until next year. Hopefully it was one last dose of summer for the holiday weekend. This was a tough run, but I think it went pretty well considering the conditions. I had originally planned for 16, but given how I was feeling in the last mile, it didn't seem worth it to go past our finishing point to tack on another mile alone.

Sunday September 2
Swim 4700 yds
The main set of the day was 10x400. I was dreading how long it would feel at the beginning, but it actually went by relatively quickly.  I probably took it a bit too easy at first, as I was able to drop the pace significantly for the last three. I thought about going out for a short run (to make up for the one that I skipped on Monday), but decided that it was better to embrace the spirit of the recovery week and head into week five feeling really fresh.

Week 4 - 38.25 mi
The goal for the week was to recover from Hood to Coast and be ready to get back to track workouts during week 5. I think I took the right approach with an unplanned rest day to kick off the week and two swim days to give my legs a bit of a break. Despite the weather on Saturday morning, I had a decent long run, which tells me my strategy paid off.


Beth said...

Nice swimming!! I'm in for LOTS of fly. Work our way up to the disappearing IM?

AKA Darkwave, AKA Anarcha, AKA Cris. said...

+1 to your Monday decision. If you ever REALLY don't feel like getting out there, it's a solid indication that you need the day off. IMHO.