Monday, September 17, 2012

Richmond Marathon Training - Week 6

Monday September 10
Run 8.25 mi
Easy run to start the week.

Tuesday September 11
Run 9.25 mi
5x1200 (5:20/5:14/5:04/5:05/4:55)
I had a good day at the track and it was a good confidence boosting workout before Sunday's half.  The workout was 4-6 1200s and I opted to go with five to get myself over the three mile speed work plateau where I've been hanging out for a while. I know one of the keys to marathon training is more reps

Yoga - 75 min
Jess and I signed up for a a four week workshop focusing on hips and back and this was the first class. My hips are always a super tight mess, so I'm looking forward to really spending some time on stretching them out and figuring out how to stay loose.

Wednesday September 12
Run 4.7 mi
Run 5.15 mi
Morning run commute and CAR fun run in the evening. I'm trying to slowly build up the length on the morning run, but opted to hold steady this week since I was racing on Sunday.

Thursday September 13
Swim 3000 yds
Halloween suit swim with Beth!

Friday September 14
Run 6.0 mi w/1 mile pickup (7:56)
The one mile pickup was supposed to be done at 10k pace and I couldn't quite get there. The 7:56 felt a lot harder than I hoped it would. Fortunately I knew that I often feel sluggish in this kind of "last bit of speed before a race" workout, so I wasn't really concerned that it meant Sunday was going to be a difficult day.

Saturday September 15
A busy day that included driving up to Philadelphia, visiting the race expo and carbo loading. I had lots of fun hanging out with my CAR teammates.

Sunday September 16
Philadelphia Rock n' Roll Half Marathon - 1:45:49
Mid-race I wasn't sure if I was going to get there, but I'm very happy that I just managed to make my 1:45 goal! I'm even happier about the way I did it:
Full race report to come.

Week 6 - 46.45 mi
Another solid week that ended in the best way possible, with a new PR! The first few weeks of this cycle have gone about as well as could be expected and the next few weeks are what I always consider to be true marathon training. The first of three twenty milers is next weekend. It's time to focus on quality training and high quantity miles.


Jessica Karazsia (@irun26at8) said...

There are soooo many things I love about this recap:
1) When I asked you how the 1200s went on Tuesday, you said, "Eh...pretty good." you see those times you posted? I'd say that is more than pretty good...I'd just go with damn good.
2) Glad we are doing the yoga workshop. I am excited to learn more!
3) Your race splits made me tear up a little. I am not kidding. Weird, I know. You are working so hard and it is paying off!

LAPT said...

Awesoooome! You're doing so great! (And now that I know my track splits, and I can recognize how FAST you are!)

Dash said...

Nice splits and great race!

I want to hear more on the yoga workshop! I blame yoga for my knee issues, but I think it was really that teacher and that class (which wasn't truly yoga). I kind of want to do it again, as I feel things tightening up again... df

Can't wait for the race recap!

Beth said...

Congrats on the PR!!! I can't wait for the full recap!

LoveOfShoes said...

Awesome pacing to a new PR! Congrats.

Katie said...

Yeah, I snuck and looked at your splits and it was PERFECT. NICE!

Rachel said...

congrats on the big PR!!! you've been working hard and it's totally paying off. looking forward to hearing the details!