Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Richmond Marathon Training - Week 5

Monday September 3
Run 8.25 mi
Since it was Labor Day, I allowed myself to sleep in a bit and got a later than average start at 8:30. I was definitely feeling the heat and humidity towards the end of the run.

Tuesday September 4
Run 8.7 mi - AM
Yoga 75 min - PM
This week's workout was descending sets of 1200/800/400. Since it was my first workout back after Hood to Coast, I was told to do three sets only if I "felt 100%." I would argue that it is extremely rare to feel 100%, ever, but I did feel a bit off so I stuck with two times through. It definitely took me a long time to warm up and that is reflected in the first set times. (5:28/3:26/1:41)  Not all that bad, but I felt sluggish when I was running. Finally my legs woke up on the second 1200 and it felt easier to run significantly faster (5:06/3:17/1:32). I've noticed this "slow to warm up" phenomenon before and I think that as my weekly mileage increases it becomes more of an issue. I may need to start thinking about playing around with how I warm up.

At night I tried out a new yoga studio near my apartment and really enjoyed the class. I left feeling relaxed and a lot looser than when I went it. My new goal is to make Tuesday night yoga a regular event.

Wednesday September 5
Run 5.0 mi - AM
Run 5.15 mi - PM

Easy morning run commute, followed by the CAR fun run after work. Strange small world moment at the fun run when a new person showed up and we discovered by the end that we had been in the same yoga class the night before. I think he was even right in front of me.

Thursday September 6
Pool run - 60 min (~6 mi)
I wasn't feeling like swimming, but I knew my legs could use some pool time, so I decided to pool run instead.

Friday September 7
Run 18.0 mi (avg pace - 8:55)
I was headed to the beach to celebrate WALD (weekend after Labor Day) with my college friends and I knew that realistically there was no way I was going to run 18 miles while I was there. So I ran on Friday morning before I left instead. Strangely I could find no one who wanted to join me, so I charged up my iPod and headed out alone. I purposely hit some hills in the first few miles and then finished with a long flat stretch. I felt really great for about 16 miles and then the last two were a struggle. I was severely tempted to stop at 17, but after stopping at 15 in the week before (instead of 16), I forced myself to tack on another out and back to make it to 18. My average pace ended up being a bit slower than recent weeks, but I'll take it given the hills at the beginning and that I was running alone.

Saturday September 8
Run 5.0 mi
The first half was a nice relaxing recovery run along the boardwalks of Seaside Park and Seaside Heights, NJ. The second half was a fight against a ridiculous headwind. Funny how you don't seem to notice those when they are at your back.

Sunday September 9

Week 5 - 50.1 mi
It felt great to get the mileage back up after Hood to Coast racing and recovery. Although sometimes it's a bit of a struggle to get going, I know I benefit so much from higher mileage. I'm very excited to get to 50 miles, which I only did once during marathon training last fall. There should be several more weeks in the 50s before it's time to taper.


AKA Darkwave, AKA Anarcha, AKA Cris. said...

"I've noticed this "slow to warm up" phenomenon before and I think that as my weekly mileage increases it becomes more of an issue. I may need to start thinking about playing around with how I warm up."

Yup. Me too. Just takes me a while to limber up.

I used to work around it by doing my warm-up progression style, ending with the last lap or two at about marathon pace effort. That worked well for me, I thought, but coach/arbiter of all that's right in running has emphatically nixed it, so I don't do it anymore :) And I don't recommend it either :)

In the workouts, doesn't seem to be anything wrong with a slow first rep or two. Heck - if they're so slow you feel like they didn't do anything for you, you can always ask to tack on another repeat at the end. More repeats at slower pace is better for marathoning anyway, right? That's what I've been told.

As for races, I also go out a lot slower than others (one reason I try NEVER to run with any of my teammates in races -- they just like to pace more evenly, while I run best with a strong negative split). Going out super slow seems to work for me, so I'm not too worried about.

Sarah said...

SO many miles of running. Awesome long run!