Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Post "marathon" fun

In anticipation of enjoying the off-season to the fullest, I had a lot of things planned for after the Richmond marathon. Of course the race didn't go quite as planned, but I didn't let that stop me from enjoying myself!

I spent two fun days with Lauren, celebrating her birthday and doing lots of BIG THINGS.

BIG THINGS like chopping off all my hair.

probably should have stopped here because this is a great look

Then I headed on a three day road trip with friends, to help someone move to Colorado
 self timer focus fail

I spent the weekend in Boulder, and reaped the benefits of 48 hours at altitude. I figure I'm looking at least a minute per mile off all my times.

I made it back East just in time for a short work week and Thanksgiving, which is my favorite holiday. Lots of eating and no need to go shopping. What more could you want? It was good to spend time with family and friends that I don't see often enough.

Isn't this how you would want to spend the day after Thanksgiving?

Now it's back to life as "normal," but the past two weeks were just what I needed. 


ultrarunnergirl said...

love the new short do!
also, sadly, turkey cancels out all altitude benefits. :)

Jen Feeny said...

I lurve the new do!!!

Rachel said...

love your hair! super cute : )

Katie said...

at LEAST a minute per mile. you probably should run a marathon today just to check.

MJ said...

Love the haircut, it's really flattering and fun. Heck, losing all that hair weight should shave a few more seconds. Sweet poodle. (I miss mine0

Sarah said...

love the new hair cut :)