Thursday, January 10, 2013

2012 Goals revisited

It's probably not a good sign when the only time you revisit the goals you set for the year is at the very end of December (or, um, early January). So, let's see if I managed to meet any of them even while I had no real idea what they were.

It turns out, my 2012 goals were:

1. Run more
This is the one goal I remember setting. Perhaps because it was first on the list?

I wasn't too concerned about mileage early in the year as I came back from my lazy glute issue and then struggled with energy issues (eventually discovering I was anemic). But after I sorted out the anemia and took a break after my May half, I really made an effort to ramp up my weekly mileage. I had very solid running months in June and July and that base helped me head into marathon training in August feeling strong. I decided to attempt to peak at 60 miles a week (after a previous weekly high of 51) and was able to achieve this by making Wednesday a double day. I actually really liked this routine and came through those high mileage weeks feeling good. I also had my first months over 200 miles in September and October. I set a rough goal of 1400 miles, but ended 2012 with 1648.

2. Pick up the pace on long runs
I actually vaguely remember setting this goal as well. This was another success. During marathon training my average pace was generally about a minute faster than it had been when I trained for Philly in the fall of 2011. Unfortunately I didn't have a similar drop in pace between long run average and actual marathon pace this year, but I think that will come with time. I'm a lot more comfortable running miles that start with an 8 during long runs and I think it will only become more routine with time.

3. Get back to swimming
Definitely didn't remember this goal, but I did actually do it! I was very consistent about getting to the pool through the winter and early spring as I prepared for my leg of the triathlon relay and some other open water races. I didn't swim quite as much after that, but I did maintain a pretty good routine through the summer and early fall. Unfortunately, once marathon training really heated up, swimming fell off my schedule. I didn't swim once from early October until mid-December.

4. Core/weight training
Since I know myself, I labeled this an optimistic goal from the beginning. And then promptly forgot about it. This is still something that I know I should do, but struggle to find time to fit it. Or, more accurately, I sit on the couch and watch TV at night instead of a short core routine. There's time, I'm just not using it.

My lazy glute and time in PT early in the year did force me into a good routine of glute and hip stretching and strengthening. I did a semi-decent job of continuing a simple routine for the rest of the year. I would be diligent for a while, feel good, get lazy, notice issues with my form and glutes, get back in a better routine and then repeat the cycle again. I'll count that as progress.

I did also start going to yoga in the late summer/early fall (motivated by an expiring Groupon). I noticed that that "forced" stretching really did make me a feel a whole lot better, so I tried to make to a class at least once a week during marathon training.

As for weight training, I can say that I didn't touch a single weight in 2012. I'd say, "maybe next year," but I know myself too well.

I'm undecided on whether or not to set any goals like these for 2013 (and we're already two weeks in). Clearly they didn't influence my behavior all that much since I forgot what they were almost immediately after writing them down.


Elizabeth said...

I vaguely remember you posting these last year. You had such an amazing year and made fantastic progress. I'm sure the trend will continue in 2013!

MJ said...

Seems like 2012 went pretty well for you, whether you kept all the resolutions or not. Maybe you just kept the most important ones. :)

Did you ever post the exercise/PT regimen you used to help your lazy glutes/hips? Sounds like something I might be able to use! I just started runner-specific strength training (bought a training program from the Runners Connect folks) - in week 1. I'm such an ectomorph/wimp that even not doing all the reps of the beginner routine is a bit much for me. But I'll plug away, anything is better than nothing! And I've got some yoga routines that help too.

Looking forward to reading about your great 2013!

Johann said...

I always set goals...mainly races I want to run but find life usually changes them form time to time. Your 2012 was great and I'm sure 2013 will be even better. Enjoy!