Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Followup and Blogger Dinner

Thank you all for your comments on my post yesterday about my recent bike frustrations.  I needed to vent and I appreciate all of you listening.  Rationally I know that I just need to keep practicing, but it's good to hear a bunch of other people say the same thing!  And I feel a lot better now that I put that post out there.  Sometimes I think I just need to get the negative thoughts out of my head and in the open to start moving past them.  So my plan is to leave them behind and go forward with a positive attitude.  I WILL get better and I WILL feel more confident. :)

On Wednesday night I had the pleasure of joining some fellow DC bloggers Gretchen, Jess, Kacy, and Katie for dinner at Ella's.

We started with sangria at happy hour,

and then moved on to salad

and pizza.

Katie, me, Gretchen, Jess and Kacy (photo courtesy of Katie)

It was a fun evening with great food and great people!  We talked about all sorts of things, but when talking about blogging I learned that my photo editing skills could most definitely use some work.  I just take them with my basic digital camera and put them up.  Editing? What's that?  These ladies are pros compared to me.  In addition, I appear to be the blogging slacker of the group, as everyone else managed to put up a post yesterday. 
Our original plan had been to go to Graffiato, but due to its popularity and a somewhat unresponsive scheduler, it didn't work out last night.  When we tried to pick a new location we came up with so many possibilities that we decided this should be a monthly event.  So, if you're in the DC area, please join us next time.  I think we've tentatively decided on the third Wednesday of the month, just to be consistent for planning purposes.  So, mark August 17 at Graffiato on your calendar!


Sarah said...

It looks like the blogger dinner was a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

It was really good to see you again! I'm right there with you on the picture thing though. I have no skills. You can download Picasa for free though and it's pretty helpful. If you have questions let me know.
Can't wait for Graffiato!

Gretchen said...

SO fun, so fun, so fun. Can't wait for August!

Anonymous said...

What fun! What, you mean you don't crop, brighten, lighten, airbrush and photoshop? shame on you. ;)

Stephanie said...

ooo booo do it labor day weekend when i am there haha. also think it is in the stars to run with us that sunday along mcm course?

Anonymous said...

Mmmm ... sangria. I may just have to crash the party next time?

Rachel said...

looks like fun! and that sangria looks delish : )

Jess said...

I'm totally on the same level as you when it comes to photos. I pretty much take them on my point and shoot and then publish them. If I'm feeling really fancy I might crop a picture or something haha. I'm trying to be better about it.

It was awesome meeting you the other night and I'm very very excited for our monthly blogger dinners!

Erin @ UntilYouTri said...

Fun! I haven't heard of Ella's, but the salad and pizza look really good! Let me know when you guys get together again, I'd love to join:).

I sometimes edit my photos...but sometimes I get lazy and don't bother:( Bad blogger...:(