Friday, July 1, 2011

June Recap

Miles: 62

X-Training: 14 (Bike - 9, Swim - 5)
Biking Miles: 221.54

Rest Days: 6

Race(s): Lawyers Have Heart 5k (or the 10k that wasn't) - 25:38 - a decent time in the heat, plus a 3rd place finish in the law librarian category!

New gear: Bike shoes and clipless pedals!

Workout goals: 
Keep up the biking and swimming - I did a good job here.  Better with biking than swimming, but I still managed to get to the pool at least once a week
New PDR on the bike - Increased my PDR for 20.5 to 30.5
Make a decision about bike shoes/pedals - Done.  I got these at the beginning of the month and am glad I made the switch
Get back over 90 miles running for the month - This did not even come close to happening.  In fact, it was my lowest month so far in 2011.

Non-workout goal: Try some new recipes.  I'm stuck in a rut, so it's time to add some new things to my regular rotation. Thanks to my new CSA deliveries, I did a decent job with this towards the end of the month.

Ice cream flavor of the month: Ben & Jerry's Clusterfluff (random sidenote, Internet searching reveals that this is being renamed What a Cluster.  Apparently the name was a little too risque?)

I made a lot of strides on the bike during June (new shoes, a fall) and significantly upped my mileage.  I'm really happy I made the switch to shoes and clipless pedals, even though there was an adjustment period.  It didn't take quite as long as I thought to feel comfortable with them and I do think they should make a difference in my next race.  My running mileage dropped off due to a lack of weekend long runs, so I didn't even come close to hitting my goal of 90 miles.  I'd like to increase this in July so that my body isn't completely shocked when marathon training starts in August.  I maintained my swimming, so I feel like I am in good shape for my upcoming tri.  I thought I might try to fit in a few more races, but just didn't end up feeling like it.  My motivation tapered off towards the end of the month, but I'm hoping I can find it again in July.

July Preview

Workout goals: 
Increase my running mileage over June
Take some extra rest days - marathon training is coming and I should take a break now :)
End July motivated and ready to train for Philly

Races: Culpeper Sprint Triathlon (July 31)

Non-workout goal: More new recipes.  The first two CSA deliveries have really motivated me to try new things in the kitchen and I want to keep it up once the new, excited feeling has worn off.


Elizabeth said...

What a Cluster? Oh come on, the Clusterfluff name is so much better. Boo for censorship. I've been enjoying the new "Fair Goodness Cake" flavor. Nice month you have there! Here's to a fantastic July!


You had a great June!! And still so excited for your 3rd place finish in the "law librarian" category at LHH!! :) Let's meet up soon for a run/bike ride! Happy July :)

Katie said...

yes! sleep while you can!

Stephanie said...

i need to be more motivated like you with CSA. but we used kale and squash tonight and sauted them with garlic. it was ok. but i don't know, kale i am so so on. i like it better when they gave us homemade whipped cream and strawberries, what can i say

Erin @ UntilYouTri said...

I love the idea of doing a June recap and then goals for the next month. This is great!:) Woohoo Philly training! I am totally panicking about having to start marathon training soon, though, because my foot is still hurting me a bit. Grrr, running injuries are the worst!