Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Week in Review - 6/26-7/2

I said last week I was feeling a bit unmotivated and I think it shows in this recap.  I have nothing much to say about the majority of my workouts last week.  I got the distance done, but none of them were particularly special.

Sunday June 26
Swim 3100 yds
This was my longest swim so far, by 50 yards.  I've been trying to work in a bit more speed recently, so I ended with 8x100 on a interval that required me to push the pace.  I broke it into two sets of 4, with the second set 5 seconds faster than the first.  I find that four is a manageable number for me mentally.  Basically, the fewer repeats that are in the "middle," the easier it is (three being ideal for this).  Four is nice because I'm halfway before I know it!

Monday June 27
Bike - 19 mi (AM), 5 mi (PM)
I headed to Hains Point in the morning for some loops before work.  It was raining a bit during the time I was there, but fortunately it never got heavy.  I've more or less avoided riding in the rain and was tempted to cancel on Monday when I saw the forecast.  I knew, however, that it was the best morning for me to go.  I'm glad that I fit it in and that the weather didn't ever get bad.

Tuesday June 28
Run 5.25 mi

Wednesday June 29
Run 4.25 mi

Thursday June 30
This was the day that I was going to let the exercise gods decide if I would work out.  I decided I would swim if my friend had to reschedule our dinner plans.  She did end up cancelling because a meeting ran late, but I decided I needed a rest day anyway.  I ended up heading to Performance Bikes instead to pick up some stuff that I had ordered.  I now have a bento bag for my bike, along with a new pair of shorts!

Friday July 1
Bike - 21.6 mi (AM), 5 mi (PM)
I met up with Victoria for a pre-work ride.  We had originally intended to go to Hains Point but it was closed for fireworks storage.  So we did a loop of Arlington/Alexandria instead along the Custis, W&OD, and Mt. Vernon trails.  I had been avoiding the Custis trail because of the hills, but I'm glad Victoria suggested we start there.  It was tough, but not as hard as I had built it up in my mind.  I definitely need to be tackling more hills if I want to improve!

Saturday July 2
Run 7.2 mi
This run was tough.  Despite my best intentions, I have had a hard time recently starting my weekend runs as early as I plan the night before.  During the week I do a good job getting up right when my alarm goes off (because I know I have to if I want to get in the full workout I've planned), but on the weekends I've been hitting snooze more than I would prefer.  As a result, I've been starting my runs when the heat is already starting to pick up.  I was thinking I might do 8 or 9 miles, but decided to turn around and head back a little after 3.5 miles.


Victoria (The District Chocoholic) said...

To drag myself out of bed super-early on weekends, I like putting a post-it on my nightstand or alarm clock with the forecast for the day. Hard to put your workout off when 95F is staring you in the face.

We should go seek out more hills. And flats for sprints. I haven't really done bike sprints.

Katie said...

you need 3 solid days of beer and cupcakes. it's awesome