Monday, December 5, 2011

A Goofy Plan

With just five weeks to go until the Goofy Challenge, I've come up with a general schedule to hold myself accountable and get to race day in relatively decent shape.

During the week
-Run 2-3 times (one of these might be a CAR workout. Hills start on December 13, so that will work well)
-Pool run at least 1 time
-Rest day
-If I only run 2 days then I'll throw in another pool run or elliptical session

Run both days.

In the past I've typically used Sunday as a cross training recovery day.  Since I'm going to be running both days of the Goofy weekend, it seems like I might as well run both days over the next few weekends. My plan is to do a long run and a run in the 5-7 mile range, just to get my body used to that schedule. I'm going to try to do the longer of the two runs on Sunday since that's how the race is structured, but I already know that won't work with my schedule every weekend.  Here are my general goals for the long run:

December 3-4: 10 miles (DONE)
December 10-11: 13-14 miles
December 17-18: 16-18 miles
December 24-25: 14-15 miles
December 31-January 1: 10 miles

I'm not going to worry if the next month looks different from this, but I find that I do better with some type of structure.  So I'll more or less try to follow these guidelines and hopefully will get to Florida on January 6 ready to do a lot of running!


KateKirk said...

after this wednesday, I'll pool run with you on weds or friday mornings...

Rachel said...

so jealous that you're doing goofy! this looks like a solid plan, and no doubt your awesome philly training will carry over for the next month!

Katie said...

I might be able to hop in on those pool runs. but I vote for the extreme taper!

amy said...

I'll jump in on your long runs too, at least for a portion!

Lia said...

Good luck! I'll be running Goofy this year, too. I ran last year and must have lost my mind when I decided to do it again :)

Anonymous said...

I like the schedule, I did the same thing for goofy when I trained for Goofy off of another marathon. I did the longer run the first day, followed by the shorter one, with the longer day distance being a pyramid on the schedule. :)

Elizabeth said...

Looks very solid. I am in complete awe of you for doing Goofy! See you at hills!

ultrarunnergirl said...

Extreme Taper FTW!!
You're doing the Goofy - awesome!