Monday, December 19, 2011

Halfway to Goofy

Well, I'm halfway through my "intense" six week training program for Goofy and I'd say for that for the most part, things are going well.

Here was the plan:
During the week-Run 2-3 times
-Pool run at least 1 time
-Rest day
-If I only run 2 days then I'll throw in another pool run or elliptical session
December 3-4: 10 miles (DONE)
December 10-11: 13-14 miles
December 17-18: 16-18 miles
And here's what I've actually done:
November 28-December 4
Monday - Rest
Tuesday - Run 4.21 mi
Wednesday - Pool run 60 min/6 mi
Thursday - Rest
Friday - Elliptical 45 min
Saturday - Run 5.1 mi
Sunday - Run 10.25 mi

December 5-11
Monday - Run 4.1 mi
Tuesday - Pool run 70 min/7 mi
Wednesday - Run 4.1 mi
Thursday - Pool run 70 min/7 mi
Friday - Elliptical 45 min
Saturday - Rest
Sunday - Run 7.9 mi (with Lauren!)

December 12-18
Monday - Elliptical 45 min
Tuesday - Run 4.31 mi
Wednesday - Pool run 70 min/7 mi
Thursday - Run 5.15 mi
Friday - Rest
Saturday - Run 8 mi
Sunday - Run 17.35 mi, Swim 1000 yds

Other than the weekend of December 10-11, when I was planning on 13-14 miles and did just under 8, I've managed to stick to the plan.  And on that run my ankle was feeling somewhat cranky so it didn't seem worth it to tack on some extra miles by myself after Lauren and I had finished the trail loop.  I've decided not to push my legs with a 3rd run during the week so I've replaced that with either a 2nd pool run or an elliptical session.  All in all, I'm happy with what I've done and how well I've stuck to the plan, especially since there have been some days when my motivation was severely lacking.  I guess only time will tell if this was actually a good plan to follow!

Today my legs are a bit sore after my big running weekend, but I'm sure they'll be fine with some extra stretching and foam rolling.  Besides, with the races just under three weeks away, it's time to start my taper!


B.o.B. said...

looks good to me! you're sticking to the plan and listening to your body. best way to get to a starting line healthy!

amy said...

It was great running with you again on Sunday!

AKA Darkwave, AKA Anarcha, AKA Cris. said...

"And on that run my ankle was feeling somewhat cranky so it didn't seem worth it to tack on some extra miles by myself after Lauren and I had finished the trail loop."

Honestly, my hardest learned lesson has been: "better a few miles too few than a few miles too many". I totally think you made the right call.

It's always that bit of greed and insistence on completion when something's a bit off that comes back to bite us.

Sarah said...

Smart move by not pushing your ankle.

Elizabeth said...

Awesome job on sticking with the plan. Your race is so soon!

Beth said...

Time for an even more intense taper :) Have you practiced your costume-wearing? Taking pictures while running? These are important things to master before the big weekend!

Anonymous said...

Smart move listening to your cranky ankle!! You'll do great at Goofy!! :)

Katie said...

this is too much planning for me to follow along in december.