Monday, October 10, 2011

Philadelphia Marathon Training Weeks 9 & 10

I didn't manage to post a recap last week, so here's what I've done for the last two weeks

Monday September 26
Run 5.26 mi
Nice easy recovery run to start off the week

Tuesday September 27
Run 5.95 mi
After staying up late on Monday night to see the Redskins lose to the Cowboys (sigh), I knew that there was no way I was making it to the morning track workout.  So this was my first evening interval workout.  I was a bit nervous about how my stomach would behave, but I was careful about what I ate all day and didn't have any issues.  While I will always prefer running in the morning, there was something fun about running around the track more or less in the dark.  This ended up being a strong workout.

Wednesday September 28
Run 8.15 mi
Since I was going away for the weekend, I tried to get in some "longish" runs mid-week.  After running the night before I couldn't quite get myself up early enough to fit in more than 8.

Thursday September 29
Run 8.5 mi
I left for a long weekend in New Orleans mid-morning and managed to squeeze in this run before having to head to the airport.

Friday September 30
Rest (and a lot of walking in the Garden District)

Saturday October 1
Run 4.65 mi (treadmill)
I fit in a quick treadmill run before we headed out for our last day of exploring New Orleans (including visits to the zoo and aquarium).


Sunday October 2

Monday October 3
Run 5.5 mi
I was looking forward to getting back to my regular running routine after my weekend out of town. It was good to start of the week with an easy Monday morning run.

Tuesday October 4
Run 6.5 mi
This was a good workout for me.  I think the cooler temperatures helped because I felt like I could have done another one at the end.  I managed to get progressively faster, so I was very happy with how I executed this workout.

Wednesday October 5
Run 6.25 mi
Run commute!

Thursday October 6
Run 4.25 mi
Normally Thursday is my day off, but since I knew I would be taking Saturday off, I opted for a short easy run instead.

Friday October 7
Run 5.2 mi
Since I was racing on Sunday, I skipped the Friday morning tempo workout and did an easy run commute instead.

Saturday October 8

Sunday October 9
Army 10 miler
I'm very happy with how this race went and I ended up with a new PR!  Full recap is coming.

Week 9 - 32.51 mi
Week 10 - 37.7 mi

It wasn't my preference to have two lower volume weeks in a row, but it just ended up that way with my vacation and the Army 10 miler falling on consecutive weekends.  I still managed to fit in some quality runs and am pleased with how these two weeks went.  I'm looking forward to getting back up to a higher volume again and really working hard these last few weeks.  I can't believe there are only 6 more weeks until Philly!


amy said...

Congrats on the race yesterday! I'm so happy that we got to catch up at the end, and that you beat your mom!

Anonymous said...

6 weeks! I wanna throw up!!!!!

Jon said...

I am so jealous that you went to New Orleans! Was hoping you would put up a picture of some Beignets. Thank you!

Sarah said...

Those pictures you took at New Orleans look really nice.

Great job on the PR!!! Can't wait to read the race report.

Anonymous said...

Great pics of Orleans! Congrats on the PR, can't wait to read the report! I wish we had found you post-race, Cris, Will and I waited around for awhile, but never found anyone.

Elizabeth said...

Gorgeous photos and great week! Did you see any zebras at the zoo??? Can't wait for the ATM report. Looks like you killed it!

J said...

You did great for being on vacation! I think I only managed mileage in the mid 20s while I was on vacation! Nice job!

Rachel said...

solid couple weeks! new orleans looks amazing, i'd love to go there one day. looks like those track workouts are paying off with some serious speed!