Tuesday, October 4, 2011

September Recap

Miles: 168.32

X-Training: 3 (1 swim, 2 elliptical)

Rest Days: 6

Race(s): None. My first month of the year without a race. 

New gear: I got some CAR tops, so I am ready to race this weekend!

Workout goals: 
I didn't do very well this month with goals that weren't directly running related.

Focus on balancing workout intensity - This was one of my only successes. I started attending CAR workouts regularly and really focused on those hard workouts.  All of the running I did on my own was easy and at a recovery pace.  I tried using my HR monitor on the solo runs and slowed down when my HR went too high.

Injury prevention - I managed to take an ice bath after every weekend long run and I really think they are helping my legs recover faster.  I wasn't so great with the foam roller but have been diligent about stretching after almost every run.

Keep swimming - FAIL. I went once - on Labor Day.

Planks - FAIL. 0 planks.  It was almost as if once I realized I missed the first few days of the month, it didn't even seem worth it to start.

Non-workout goal: Work on the design of this blog. FAIL.  I did no work on the blog and barely managed to post.

Ice cream flavor of the month: Peach Cobbler

September was a good month for running and that's about it.  I had a lot of great workouts and strong long runs and am excited about my upcoming 10 miler, as well as the rest of marathon training.  I'm hoping that I can continue to carry this feeling all the way to the Philadelphia Marathon on November 20.  I really focused on running in September and it showed when I failed to meet any of the other goals I set for myself.  I should have known that as marathon training picked up, everything else would fall to the side. 

October Preview

Workout goals: 
After last month's goal fails, I'm going to keep it simple this month

Continue to push the pace in workouts - I'm still figuring out how to run track and tempo workouts and how much I can push myself and still finish strong.  I know I need to keep testing my limits during each workout.

Strong long runs - So far this training cycle I've had some great long runs and I'd like to keep that up in October as I tackle my remaining 2 20 milers.

Try again with the planks - Really, I should be able to do this
Races: Army 10 miler (October 9)

Non-workout goal: Work on the design of this blog. I'm going to try again with this one. I should be able to make some progress if I actually focus.


Jessica Karazsia (@irun26at8) said...

Ice baths are the worst AND best thing ever. It's amazing how much they help. I always regret it when I decide not to take one. It takes me about twice as long to recover. Great September and good luck in October!!

Katie said...

i'll be out there cheering this weekend. good luck!

Jon said...

WICKED run volume!

Anonymous said...

army. Army. ARMY! :) woot!

Nice month with lots of new stuff! Hope you find a nice Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream for your flavor this month! (or RUM, since my word verification was rumse) :)

Elizabeth said...

I think it's totally okay that running has been your focus this month. Now is the time to really be building your fitness for that marathon in November! Good luck this weekend!

Sarah said...

I'll be out there cheering you on this weekend :)

And I'm with you on the planks. I don't know why these are so hard for me to do?