Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Week in Review - 6/12-6/18

Sunday June 12
Bike 30.57 mi
This was my longest bike ride to date!  I headed out early on Sunday morning to avoid the crowds on the trails and was somewhat successful.  By the time I was close to home things were picking up.  I wore my new bike jersey for the first time and realized it is very nice to have so many pockets.  I did the return trip about five minutes faster than the way out, so I was quite happy with that.  I also felt a lot more comfortable getting in and out of my pedals.

Monday June 13
Run 6.2 mi
I feel like despite my best intentions and plans, my running mileage has been rather low recently.  I decided to start the week with six miles to get off on the right foot.

Tuesday June 14
Bike - 25.7 mi (AM), 4.6 mi (PM)
This was another successful morning ride at Hains Point with Sarah.  I still get passed by almost everyone, but I feel like my pace is improving every so slightly.

I realized in the evening that I am probably going to have to avoid bike commuting on Tuesdays.  I go past Arlington Cemetery and Iwo Jima on my way home and on Tuesday nights the Marine Corps band has a summer concert series.   There were a ton of tour buses parked along 110 and herds of tourists on the bike path along 110 and Iwo Jima.  Despite the fact that I kept yelling "passing on your left" and "excuse me" and "coming behind you on a bike," people really didn't move out of the way.  I feel lucky that I didn't fall over or hit anyone.

Wednesday June 15
Swim 2800 yds
This was another good morning swim.  I actually forced myself to push the pace a bit with a set of 100s and it wasn't as bad as I was expecting.  I definitely feel like I should be able to do them on a faster interval, but it was a decent start.  I know I can't expect too much when I'm only swimming 1 or 2 times a week.

Thursday June 16
Run 5.25 mi
Another decent morning run at a steady pace.  I know I need to start fitting in at least one speed or tempo session a week, but for now I'll take these even paced runs. 

After work I went to the Nationals game and blogger meetup organized by Amanda.  Unfortunately I didn't plan very well and forgot my camera so I don't have any photos.  It was a lot of fun and great to meet some DC bloggers in person (and get introduced to some new blogs).
Friday June 17

Saturday June 18
Bike 21 mi
I had plans for a 35 mile ride and short run (30ish minutes) for my first brick workout in several weeks, but that all got derailed when I crashed shortly after hitting the halfway point of my ride. 


amy said...

Awesome week! And I just saw your tweet about running today. So happy to hear that nothing hurts.

PS - you should come run with us. You'd get your intervals/tempo and a long run!

Elizabeth said...

Nice week! Congrats on the cycling distance.

Katie said...

how are you feeling, post-crash? and i love bike jerseys, so many pockets!

Beth said...

That's a great week! Nice work on the bike PDR (and crash recovery!)

Anonymous said...

It was SO nice to meet you at the Nats game! Looks like you had a pretty solid week of workouts.

Sarah said...

You had a great week of workouts! And hopefully I will see you tomorrow morning at Haines riding post crash

Stephanie said...

Thanks for your comment on my answer was (i need your email to give you the reply notice) good question.. i still used the shirt, i just threw it over the elliptical outside, hmmm good question, hmm

Rachel said...

another great week, especially on the bike! i've found that my running definitely suffers compared to swimming and cycling, but i figure i need more practice on the latter, so i just do what i can. good job!