Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Week in Review - 6/5-6/11

Sunday June 5
Swim 3000m, Pool run 40 min/4 miles
I met up with Amy to swim at Wilson for the first time. I was excited when she suggested it because I haven't swum long course in years.  It's definitely a different experience and I really enjoyed it.  There's something nice about that longer stretch of swimming.  I also finally got myself up to 3000m after spending weeks doing workouts in the 2600-2800 range.  After swimming, I joined Amy for some pool running (another first for me).  I know that a lot of you all swear by pool running and I'll have to see if it is something that I can work into my workout schedule more often.

Monday June 6
Run 4.1 mi
Bike 10.2 mi (commute)
I was hoping to get in a 5-6 mile run but I just couldn't get myself out of bed in time.  By the time I got going I could only fit in 4 miles.  I decided during the run that I should also bike commute when I determined that it was probably one of the better days of the week to do so.  I was too nervous to use my new shoes so I just wore sneakers and rode on the platform side of the pedals.  On the way home I tested a new route (across the 14th St. bridge) which ended up being longer but more comfortable because I could stick to bike lanes/paths.

Tuesday June 7
Run 4.21 mi
This was a bit of a tempo run and I tried to run my anticipated pace for Saturday's 10k during the middle two miles.  I once again felt sluggish at the start, but was able to stay in my goal range during the tempo portion.

Wednesday June 8
Bike - 22.67 mi (AM), 4.5 mi (PM)
This was my first "real" ride with my new shoes.  I rode with only one foot clipped in until I got to Hains Point, at which point I felt safe enough to try clipping in both feet.  I was hoping to meet up with Katie, so she could share some of her cycling magic with me, but somehow we never managed to connect on any of our loops.  There was a biker down after what appeared to be a nasty crash, one that may have been caused by a runner. :( When I went by the first time another biker was yelling at a female runner.  I don't know what happened but she must have changed direction or stopped suddenly in front of them.

On the way home in the evening I had my first fall, and also tested another route, which I think may be my favorite.

Thursday June 9
Swim 3000 yds
Now that I've hit the 3k mark for swim workouts, I'm hoping I can force myself to stay there.  I was a little nervous that I wouldn't get this swim in, since thunderstorms were predicted, but fortunately the weather cooperated.  I got some paddles from my sister and this was the first chance I had to test them out.  I was reminded immediately that pulling with paddles is one of my favorite things. :)

Friday June 10

Saturday June 11
Lawyers Have Heart 5k
This race ended up being switched from a 10k to a 5k because of the weather.  You can read my full race report here.


Sarah said...

If I am just bike commuting I always just wear my tennis shoes because there is too much stopping and going to deal with clipping in and out. I only wear the clip shoes on my way home if I met up with you at Haines in the morning.

Katie said...

I'll probably ride again tomorrow morning but short and very early if you want to try and meet up again!

Anonymous said...

Nice week! Welcome to the world of pool running, hope you like it! ;)

Beth said...

thats a really solid week of workouts!

Victoria (The District Chocoholic) said...

I also just started pool running a bit - do you take your heart rate at all? It seems to be the only way I can assure myself that I'm really working.

B.o.B. said...

Your week looks great! I'm super jealous that you are going to get some Katie cycling magic. Please throw some my way after you learn new bike stuff. I need it to!

Elizabeth said...

Yes I swear by pool running! Glad you were able to try it out with the company of Amy. Nice job on the new swimming distance!

amy said...

Awesome week! It was fun to finally meet up. I'm also really psyched that you finally bike commuted!

Erin @ UntilYouTri said...

Nice workout week! I am jealous. I need my foot to heal ASAP!!