Monday, June 27, 2011

Week in Review - 6/19-6/25

Sunday June 19

Monday June 20

Tuesday June 21
Run 3.06 mi
I gave myself two complete rest days after last Saturday's bike crash.  I figure there was no sense in pushing it and I might as well give my body some time to heal.  By Monday night I was feeling pretty good so I decided to test things out with an easy morning run on Tuesday.  Fortunately there were no weird aches or pains and it felt good to be exercising again!

Wednesday June 22
Bike - 19 mi (AM), 5 mi (PM)
I was nervous to get back on the bike, as I discussed more than once last week (here and here), but I made myself do it and, of course, nothing horrible happened.  It ended up being a nice morning ride. 

Thursday June 23
Run 5.07 mi
It was really humid and I never felt good during this run.  It was so soupy that I felt like I could have been swimming!  However, I got it done and that's all that really matters.

Friday June 24
Bike - 22 mi (AM), 5.3 mi (PM)
Another Friday morning ride with Sarah.  I ended up having my highest average pace for a ride so far (14.2 mph, first time in the 14s!), so I was excited about that.  I've decided I really like riding on Friday mornings, it's a great way to get the last day of the work week off on the right foot. 

Saturday June 25
Run 10 mi
I was excited to finally get in a weekend long run since it had been a few weeks.  I had hoped to run long last Sunday, but my crash on Saturday negated those plans.  I felt really good on this run until about mile 8 and then the last two miles were tough.  When I got home and checked my training log, I realized that the last time I ran 10 miles was the Broad Street Run on May 1!  My longest runs since then have only been 8 or 9 miles.  So it's no surprise that this run got difficult at the very end.


amy said...

Congrats on the average pace PR! I think Haines is good for increasing that.

Elizabeth said...

It's good you were able to get back on the bike after you crashed. I think I'd be too paranoid. Nice job on the 10-miler!

B.o.B. said...

glad you got back on the bike. i'm sure it was scary. wtg on the 10!!!