Monday, January 2, 2012

December Recap

Miles: 114.93 (+ ~42 miles in the pool)

X-Training: 6 (4 elliptical, 2 swim)

Rest Days: 5

Race(s): Fairfax Four Miler (Dec. 31) - 35:01 (a fun run with friends to end the year)

New gear: Nike Frees!  I don't intend to run in these, but they'll be my gym and walking around shoes.

Workout goals:
Get in a few good long runs - Not every long run was quite as long as I had planned, but I got in a good 17 miler and I think I've done enough to survive Goofy.

Pool run at least once a week - Done. I've really enjoyed my Wednesday morning pool runs and I think they are something I should try to keep on the schedule even when I get back to more serious training.

Stay motivated and mix things up when needed - Done. My motivation hasn't always been high, but I think I did a good job this month making sure that I got some kind of workout in most days.

Non-workout goal: Get back to trying new recipes. I've been slacking the last few months. I did a so so job here. I did cook more though I didn't try a ton of new recipes. 

Ice cream flavor of the month: Ice cream was replaced by Christmas cookies this month!

December was an interesting month. I started off wishing that I could have taken a longer break after the Philadelphia marathon, but that wasn't a real option with the Goofy Challenge just over a month away. I decided I'd mix in more pool running and cross training and focus on getting in some type of cardio workout six days a week, rather than pressuring myself to run five times a week.  In the end, I think this plan worked out well.  I still ended up with more than 100 miles of running and if I add my land and pool miles together, it was actually my third highest total of the year (after the big marathon training months of September and October).  So I think I'm ready for Goofy, but I'll know for sure next weekend!

January Preview

Workout goals:
Smart recovery from Goofy - I know that running 39.3 miles in a weekend is going to be a strain on my body and I want to make sure I am smart about recovery so that I can have a strong 2012.  With that in mind, I plan to take 3 weeks off from running post-race.

Mix things up during my running break - I don't intend to take a full 3 weeks off from exercise, so this is a good opportunity to try some new things or get back to others that I have neglected (like swimming and yoga)

Swim - I was really enjoying being back in the pool last summer but that got completely abandoned during marathon training.  Since I'd like to do some open water swimming this summer, I know I need to start getting back to the pool (even if it is only once a week).  What better time to start than during my post Goofy running break?

Races: Goofy Challenge (January 7-8)

Non-workout goal: Clean start to 2012 - I like the idea of the new year being a fresh start and with that in mind, I think it's time to do a good cleaning of my apartment and get rid of those items that I never use and clothes I never wear. 


ImTheMarigold said...

Great meeting you on Saturday! Good luck with Goofy, that is on my running bucket list.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! Congrats on your NYE Race!! Great month!

amy said...

3 weeks off is so smart. And I love the new kicks!

J said...

Good luck with the Goofy challenge! I hope it all goes well!

Beth said...

I started 2011 by donating half my clothes and cleaning out my apartment. It was glorious!

Katie said...

I'll swim with you! and I think you're ready. it's going to be fun!

Elizabeth said...

Sounds like a very well-balanced December. And great shoes! I can't believe how close Goofy is. Happy New Year!