Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Philadelphia Marathon Training - Week 3

Monday August 15
Run 3.0 mi

Tuesday August 16
Run 6.0 mi
The length of my Tuesday run is going to slowly start creeping up and I think I will most likely be making this a run commute day to avoid getting up super early.

Wednesday August 17
Run 3.0 mi

Thursday August 18
Run 6.23 mi (marathon pace run)
My first run commute was a great success.  I got to sleep in a bit later than I normally would and manage to do a slightly better job of sticking to MP.  I was still a bit too fast on some of the early miles, but I ended with a 10:02 average pace (which just manages to squeeze into the 10-10:15 range).

For those of you that asked about the logistics of my run commute, I do have access to a shower at work (with towels) and I took in my clothes the day before.  When I started bike commuting occasionally earlier in the summer, I took in set of all of the necessary toiletries, so I don't have to worry about carrying any of that stuff back and forth either.

Friday August 19
Run 8.0 mi
I was leaving Friday afternoon visit my friend Jennifer for the weekend so I shifted my schedule around a bit to have my rest days on the weekend and get in my long run before I left.  Fortunately it was a step back week so I only had 8 on the schedule.

Saturday August 20
An afternoon at the Mother Earth brewery drinking on the patio.  Great way to spend a gorgeous Saturday.  And the Weeping Willow Wit may be my new favorite beer. :)

Sunday August 21
Sunday is my scheduled cross training day, but I decided it wasn't worth the hassle of trying to fit something in while I was out of town.  I'd much rather spend time with a friend who I only see a few times a year!  Pool time, a little shopping and movie night made for a very relaxing Sunday. 

Week 3 (miles planned/ran) - 26/26.23
This will be the last time I'll be seeing totals in the 20s for a while.  Things are going to start ramping up quickly!  Only 13 weeks until race day.


Sarah said...

It looks like you had a really great training week. And that beer looks really good too!

Victoria (The District Chocoholic) said...

Run commuting is awesome. I can't believe I didn't start doing it sooner. Also, I can't believe you run 5 days a week. That is incredible dedication. I would die.

Elizabeth said...

The marathon will be here before you know it! Nice work.