Monday, August 29, 2011

Philadelphia Marathon Training - Week 4

Monday August 22
Run 7.0 mi
This run was a struggle.  I drove back from North Carolina in the morning and I decided to do my medium-long run for the week since I had plenty of time, rather than waiting until the next morning.  I headed out to run around noon and although it was a nice day I was pretty hot by the end. I felt good at the beginning and started way too fast so I crashed hard.  By the end I was just glad I to finish.

Tuesday August 23
Run 3.0 mi
After Monday's poor run, I decided to take it slow on this run.  I also realized over the last week that I have been doing almost all of my runs at the same pace, which I know isn't the best idea.  So I really focused on keeping this run at a recovery pace.

Wednesday August 24
Run 3.05 mi
In keeping with my new decision not to run all of my runs at the same pace, I threw in 3 pickups during the last mile of this run.  It felt good to run faster, even though it was only for short stretches.

Thursday August 25

Friday August 26
Run 7.1 mi
Another run commute day!

Saturday August 27
Run 16.0 mi
I had 14 on the schedule and joined the Capital Area Runners for the first time.  The planned route was announced as 14.7, which I figured was close enough to my goal. Once we got started, I discovered that everyone running my pace was going 16 or more.  They were all planning on tacking on the miles in the middle of the run, rather than the end.  Since I didn't really want to run the last 7 or so by myself and I figured I was basically already running 15, I decided to go ahead and do 16.  It seemed like a good idea in the middle of the run, but not as great at mile 14 when I was still 2 miles away from my car.  I ended up doing the whole run with Thom, Katie's husband, who runs a similar pace and is also doing the Philadelphia Marathon.  I think this bodes well for future long runs (and the race)! :)

Sunday August 28
Elliptical 40 min
My left knee had felt a bit tight on Saturday night, but I really noticed it when I finally was able to leave my apartment post-Irene and had to go down stairs.  I decided to take it easy on the elliptical in the hopes that it would loosen everything up.  I also took extra time stretching and foam rolling afterwards and iced it.  It still feels a bit off, but a lot better.  I'm going to keep up the icing for the next few days and back off if needed.

Week 4 (miles planned/ran) - 34/36.15
Thanks to Saturday's long run, I ended up with a bit more than planned this week.  It was a pretty good week for me despite the rough start and craziness from Mother Nature (earthquake and a hurricane)!


Elizabeth said...

Fantastic week! Glad you got to run with CAR-- they are so much fun!

Sarah said...

Great week of training.

Katie said...

I sent you Thom's training plan this morning. :) so good to see you on saturday!

amy said...

Awesome job on the 16! Can I convince you to come to the track tomorrow morning too?

Anonymous said...

are you doing the philly full i guess? is it your first time? i did the philly half last year and im now training for my first full in richmond in november! looks like we're about the same in weekly mileage but i havent done a LR more than 13.1 yet! eeks! can't wait to hit just a weee bit higher and get some personal distance records!

B.o.B. said...

hey that's a good week! glad you got a good running buddy out of the deal. woot!

Anonymous said...

Nice week! It's been so good seeing you at the workouts!! Listen, get on FB!! It's really hard to tag you when you don't exist there! ;) :)

Jon said...

Nice week of volume!

I am super jealous of all of this running you are putting in!

So you are doing the Disney Marathon in January? Its on my list as a backup in case the NYC Marathon doesn't pan out.