Friday, August 26, 2011

Random Friday Facts

1. I used to hate when my parents bought ginger snaps when I was growing up. Now they may be my favorite cookie.

4. I know almost no card games.

3. I got glasses in 3rd grade. I sometimes wish I knew what it was like to wake up and see clearly.

4. I'm glad that Target now sells SunDrop.

5. I would eat sushi every day if it wasn't so expensive.

6. I hate Settlers of Catan.

7. I don't like talking on the phone.  Working in a call center would be my worst nightmare.

8. Pearls Before Swine always makes me laugh.

9. When I was on the track team in high school, I used to love practice and hate meets. I would much rather hang out and watch everyone else race.  I was never like this with any other sport.  With swimming and team sports, I always preferred meets/games.

10. I'm glad the NFL is back.  Even if my team is going to have another bad year.


Sarah said...

I don't really know any card games either!

And seeing in the morning would be so nice, but I'm too scared to get the surgery.

amy said...

Sushi date soon?

Katie said...

i got glasses when i was 4. sad.

Elizabeth said...

I haven't heard of most of the things in this blog! SunDrop? Settlers of Catan? Pearls Before Swine??? Anyway, card games rock, and so does sushi.

Anonymous said...

Sun Drop! Where are you from? My boyfriend's mom used to drink a warm cup of that every morning. He loves it. I'd never heard of it until I met him. And I've been thinking a lot about Lasik, but it costs SO much. Vision is priceless, maybe?

Anonymous said...

Sushi with gingersnaps for dessert? Sounds awesome to me :)

Anonymous said...

Great seeing you yesterday! Congrats on your run!

I had Lasik 8 years ago and it was the greatest thing in the world. Being able to see the clock in the morning is incredible.

I'm with Elizabeth, I've never heard of those things! ;)

Katie said...

Regarding #3, I HIGHLY recommend Lasik! I got glasses in 3rd grade too, and my vision was 20/400 up until three years ago. Best $$ I have ever spent. Some days I am still amazed at how well I can see. (Takes time to get over 20 years of blurry vision!)