Thursday, August 18, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1.  I ran to work this morning.  It was great.  I got to sleep in almost an hour later than I would if I had run and gotten ready at home, yet I still had plenty of time for my run and wasn't late to work.  I'm not sure why I didn't start doing this earlier!  This is definitely going to become a part of my regular routine - especially on days that I need to get in a weekday medium-long run.

I also think I need to re-evaluate my morning routine.  Why is it taking me so long to leave the house? I got ready in significantly less time at the office.

Some of the sights along the way:

2. The jury is still out on the Asics 2160, but after two runs I am leaning towards a favorable review.  There has certainly not been an immediate "ugh, I hate these!" reaction.  I also have not immediately fallen in love, but that's not necessarily a problem.  Basically, I haven't really thought about them or noticed anything while running and really, that's probably what I should be looking for in a shoe.  Also, most importantly, I love the lime green laces. 

3. Last night was the second (of what will hopefully be many) Monthly DC Blogger Meetup. There was an initial discussion of having dinner at Graffiato, but the craziness of Restaurant Week got in the way and we ended up at the Front Page for happy hour.  It was fun to meet some new bloggers and catch up with some familiar faces.  And someday we may actually have dinner at Graffiato!  Please join us next month if you are in the DC area. :)


Photos by Gretchen (who didn't make it into any photos because she was the only one with a camera).


Sarah said...

I'm glad you liked the run commute. It's the best way to get a run without wasting time!

Lastnight was a blast :)

Lauren said...

so sad I missed last night!! Ill be at the next one!

yay run commutes!

Victoria (The District Chocoholic) said...

Running to work is awesome. And since so few people do it, you sound extra hardcore.

Anonymous said...

I'm totally disappointed that I missed last night's meet up. I will definitely be at the September one!
I need to do another run to work. It's so nice. And Victoria's right, all of my coworkers thought I was super hard core even though it's not too far from Arlington to downtown! :)

Kelly @ Eat Yourself Skinny said...

Hi Allison! I found your blog through Claire and I LOVED seeing all the photos from the meet-up, I'm from the DC area too! Just wanted to say I love your blog and hope to meet you guys at the next gathering! xoxo

ultrarunnergirl said...

The run commute is the best thing ever (next to the bike commute, because of the wind in your hair effect).
I too waste way too much time being at home - there's always a dish to wash, another item I can pack for lunch ...
Kudos on your new method of transportation!

Elizabeth said...

What do you do about showering and a change of clothes? Do you run with a back pack? I live only 2 miles from my office and I never run commute because there are no showers at my office.

Stephanie said...

Totally wish I was there! When is the next one? I would love to run to work butnwhat about showers and carrying your stuff?

MCM Mama said...

Looks like you had a good time! I'd love to meet up, but I'm probably old enough to be your mom LOL.