Monday, May 16, 2011

Filling up my Schedule

My race calendar for the next few months has been looking pretty empty.  But I'm slowly working on changing that.

Yesterday, like many of you, I registered for the Army Ten Miler.

Today, I got over my tri commitment issues and signed up for the BRATS Salute to the Military Sprint Triathlon.

Yes, this race is only two weeks away.  It is being held on May 29, 2011, not May 30, 2010 as the picture would lead you to believe (but the 2011 image did not copy as nicely, so I went with this one).  I just so happened to get an email about this race on Friday, the day after I had complained about how I wasn't sure if I was feeling up to tri training and was waffling about whether or not to sign up for a race.  For many reasons, I decided that this was the race for me.  The price is reasonable, it's not all that far away (and offers race morning packet pickup!) and it's relatively small (right now there are only about 120 people registered).  And I see the fact that it's only two weeks away as a bonus.  I know that I can complete the distance and this gives me less time to get worried or stressed out!  I figure it will serve as a good baseline to see where I am and I think (hope) it will make me more excited about continued tri training.

And now I have race registration on the brain.  I should probably be careful or my credit card will be getting quite the workout.


Beth said...

Ooooh, more races!! Good luck with the tri, sounds like a good one!

Anonymous said...

I get reg crazy too! In fact, I am already registered for all my races!!!

Anonymous said...

oooo! I got into ARMY too! ;)

Caroline said...

I recently found your blog - that's great you signed up for a tri! And if running is your strength, it's even more fun because you basically get to save the best for last and have a strong finish. Have fun!

Rachel said...

i'm a bit behind on your blog but so excited that you took the triathlon plunge! reading your race report right NOW!