Thursday, May 12, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. I haven't been posting recently because I am still catching up from my weekend.  I left town last Wednesday to spend a few days with my friend G (and a few of our other friends) and then attend her wedding on Saturday.  The food was incredible, which unfortunately means that I won't be able to eat any frozen or takeout Indian food for a while without being disappointed.  The highlight was definitely was definitely the naan that we got straight out of the clay oven.  A carb lover's dream!  Congratulations and best wishes to G & C who occasionally stop by and read this blog (and are currently honeymooning in Hawaii)!

2. On top of the distraction of all of the wedding related festivities, I haven't been feeling too motivated since Broad Street.  I've been doing shorter runs and some cross training, but it hasn't been too exciting or anything to write about.  My legs have also felt pretty beat up and seem to be taking longer to recover than I expected.  The legs aren't a major issue since my next race isn't for a month, but the lack of motivation is slightly concerning.  Which leads me to my current dilemma:

3. Tri or not to Tri?  I've been talking/thinking about a tri for a while and have worked on adding biking and swimming into my routine.  But I have yet to actually register for a race.  Now I'm trying to decide if signing up for a race will rejuvenate my interest and bring back my motivation or if maybe I'm just not all that interested and should stick with running this summer.  I just don't feel as excited about fitting in all the different disciplines as I would like to be.  I'm sure part of that is because I still feel pretty awkward and uncomfortable on my bike.  Ultimately, I do all of this for fun, so I don't want to commit to anything that will making working out feel too much like a chore.  And yes, I do realize that I'm only talking about a sprint tri and could probably complete it with a run-dominated training schedule.  What would you do?


Teamarcia said...

tri! Definitely do it! you won't regret it. easy for me to say! : )

Beth said...

I think you could TOTALLY do a tri, but if you're not into it there's no reason to force it. Enjoy whatever training you feel like for the summer and if you get into swimming and biking, sign up for an early fall sprint!

Anonymous said...

Hope your motivation returns soon, but it's nice to take a break every now and again!