Monday, May 16, 2011

Two Weeks in Review - 5/1-5/14

When I went to write this week's review, I realized that I forgot to do this last week.  I guess that's what happens when you go out of town for a few days. ;)  I also apparently forgot to take photos over the last two weeks.  I apologize in advance for how boring this post is.

Sunday - May 1
Broad Street Run (10 miles) - 1:28.17
This race didn't go exactly as I had planned, but I'm glad that despite my ill-advised too fast start, I still managed to meet my goal and PR by six minutes.  You can read my full race recap for all the details.

Monday - May 2
Run 3.0 mi
This run may have been somewhat ill-advised.  I had thought about taking the day off, but on the way home from work I decided I wanted to do something.  My gym is always super packed in the evenings so I decided a short, easy run would be fine.  I went slowly, but my legs never really loosened up like I hoped that they would.

Tuesday - May 3
Elliptical - 35 min
After Monday's run, I decided a few days of cross training were a good idea.

Wednesday - May 4
Elliptical - 40 min

Thursday - May 5
Run 4.45 mi
I left on Wednesday night to head to my friend G's house to spend some time with her before her wedding.  I did this run with another friend, K, who is significantly faster than me.  She kept insisting that I would probably leave her behind because she typically only does 3 mile runs.  I wasn't shocked when that didn't happen.  This also happened to be my fasted average pace run in a while.

Friday - May 6
Run 3.83 mi
Another pre-wedding run, this time without K who wanted to run at her normal pace (and not slow it down to run with me).  That was fine with me since Thursday's run was more like a tempo effort for me!

Saturday - May 7
Dancing counts as cardio, right?

Sunday - May 8

Monday - May 9
Run 4.14 mi

Tuesday - May 10
Run 6.0 mi
Monday's run felt perfectly normal, which is why the pain I felt on Tuesday night came as a big surprise.  Unfortunately since I was running home from work I couldn't really cut it short, but I did take several stretch and walk breaks.  My calves were extremely tight and I also had some sharp pain in my left knee.  The knee pain was totally different from the IT band tightness that I have occasionally and not the same as what I felt when I was having some knee pain on the bike.  I was pretty concerned by the time I got home and decided to take off a few days from running.  I was hoping that it was from more time in high heels that normal (due to all the wedding festivities) or the fact that I did three runs in a row in my older shoes (I rotate two pairs and accidentally ended up wearing the older ones three straight runs - I was planning to replace them at the end of the month, so this was probably a factor).

Wednesday - May 11
Swim - 2550 yds
I finally got myself to the pool in the morning!  Big win! :)  I had been thinking about it for weeks but was worried that I would get there and it would be really crowded or that I would have bad morning practice flashbacks from my years of swim team.  Fortunately neither of those happened and I had a good swim.  Hopefully I can keep this up!

Thursday - May 12
Bike - 11.67 mi
Keeping up with my trend of new things, I decided it was finally time to ride my bike in the morning.  It wasn't the best ride, but I got it done.  I realized afterwards that I hadn't been on my bike in over two weeks, so that I was probably the biggest reason for my awkwardness.

Friday - May 13
Bike - 12.11 mi
After reading Amy's post about overcoming bike fear, I decided the best way to get over mine (and my general bike awkwardness) was to keep trying.  I also saw rain in the forecast for Saturday-Thursday, so I figured that I might as well ride while it was dry.  I felt a lot better than I did on Thursday.

Saturday - May 14
Run 9.0 mi
After three days off, I decided it was time to test out the knee.  I didn't have a set plan, but figured I would just turn around at any sign of trouble.  Fortunately there was only a bit of tightness at the beginning (but none of the sharp pain) and it loosened up nicely a mile or two in. 


Beth said...

Ooh, are you becoming another bike commuting convert? Thats exciting!

I hope your knee thing was just a one-time fluke. Nice weeks of training!

amy said...

Dancing totally counts as cardio! I'm glad the knee pain went away. That happens to me sometimes too after wearing heels, and it's always tied to tight calves. Let me know when you want to bike or swim!

Rachel said...

what an awesome two weeks! i'm jealous of all the running you've been doing : ) oh, and also the fact that you can jump back into swimming and still swim waaaayyyy more than me! great job on the bike, too it definitely gets easier and less awkward with time (then there's me, who after riding regularly for a couple months, falls hard like i did today - boo). glad the knee is feeling better!