Monday, May 30, 2011

Week in Review - 5/22-5/28

Sunday May 22
Bike 15.97 mi, Run 2.82 mi
This was only my second ever brick workout.  I figured it would be good practice for my upcoming race and a good chance to test out my race day outfit.  I went to spectate my brother's tri first so by the time I got out on my bike it was after 10.  It was pretty hot and I was reminded that I am not yet adjusted to summer workouts.

safety first, even in the car 

sweaty mess afterwards
Monday May 23
Swim 2700 yds
Another successful early morning trip to the pool.  I tried to throw in a bit of speed in advance of Sunday's upcoming race.  I'm not sure how much speed there really was, but at the very least it was a harder effort!

After work I headed out to Tysons to have dinner with Lauren who was in town for work.  We had a great time discussing Hunger Games, YA literature and running over a large amount of carbs at the Lebanese Taverna and cake at the Cheesecake Factory.  Apparently we both fail as bloggers because even though we talked about taking a picture multiple times, we forgot to do it.

Tuesday May 24
Run 3.23 mi
I had to drop off my car for some minor repairs so I went in my running clothes and ran home.  For some reason I always love combining errands and working out. :)

Wednesday May 25
Bike 14.37 mi
I have really been working to make sure I put in more time on the bike and I can tell it is starting to pay off, at least in terms of my comfort level.  I'm even starting to think about whether or not I can handle the leap to shoes and clipless pedals (gasp!).

Thursday May 26
Run 5.25 mi
For some reason I really didn't want to run on Thursday when my alarm went off, but I knew that I would be mad at myself if I didn't go.  So I headed out, unsure of how far I would make it.  Fortunately after a few minutes I was feeling fine and completed the full loop I had originally planned.

Friday May 27
Bike 18.8 mi
I met up with Sarah for some early morning loops around Hains Point.  This was my first time riding with someone else and it definitely made a difference!  Plus I think I went a little faster than I normally would since I wanted to keep up with her and I was distracted by our chatting. :)  She may have also pushed me further in the direction of switching to bike shoes as she just made the change last week!

Saturday May 28
I tried to be as lazy as possible since I had my first sprint triathlon the next day!


Erin @ UntilYouTri said...

Ugh, I am not adjusted to the summer weather yet, either! I am excited to hear how the race went!!!:)

amy said...

Great week! And, get the shoes!

Sarah said...

It was fun chatting while riding :) We def need to do it again.

Elizabeth said...

Definitely a solid week. Now I am craving Cheesecake Factory! I hope the tri went well!

Beth said...

Thats a great week! I'm impressed with all you early morning Hains Point riders!

Stephanie said...

So I may be the only person in the world who does not know what a brick workout is..can you take pity on me and explain?

LAPT said...

WAHOO!!! Also, let me know how it goes if you switch to clipping in. My trainer told me it feels more natural after you get used to it, but I feel like I'd be afraid of being attached to my bike!

Rachel said...

great week! from my experience, clipless pedals made a HUGE difference in terms of efficiency and increased speed. but they're a little tricky to get used to (i'm still kind of adjusting). i'm jealous of having company on a ride, all mine have been alone, and now that they're getting pretty long it definitely sucks!