Monday, May 23, 2011

Week in Review - 5/15-5/21

Sunday May 15
Bike - 20.5 mi
Swim - 2500 yds
I started off Sunday by registering for the Army Ten Miler and then headed out on my bike.  I set a new personal distance record, covering 20.5 miles!  Then later in the day I headed to the pool for a swim.  I have to say that I'm not sure how all of your half ironman and ironman competitors do it, I was exhausted after my double!  Maybe I would eventually adapt, but I don't know that I could do multiple doubles a week.

Monday May 16
Run 5.1 mi

Tuesday May 17
Run 3.12 mi
This was a quick run after work and it was just what I needed.  Recently my legs have been feeling speedy when I run after work so I just try to go with it!

Wednesday May 18
Swim 2600 yds
Another early morning swim success.  I also attempted a bit of speedwork (most of my swimming recently has been at a relatively steady pace) and timed myself in a 300 so that I could have an idea of what to expect in my tri next weekend.  I had to estimate my time when registering and fortunately it seems like my guess was pretty accurate!  It's a snake swim in a pool so hopefully I put myself in the right place in line and won't have to do too much passing (or be passed a lot).

Thursday May 19
Bike 12.53 mi
This was my second week of fitting in a morning ride and I think it is going to make a big difference for me!  I know that the more time I spend riding, the more likely I am to improve.  Just going once on the weekend is not going to cut it for me.  If I can get my act together and purchase a lock for my bike, I can incorporate this into a bike commute.  Right now, I'm just going out for an hour or so, then coming home to get ready for work.

Friday May 20
Run 7.0 mi
I knew my Saturday morning was going to be busy so I decided to do my longish run for the week on Friday morning.  Since I'm not training for a specific race right now, I'm trying to maintain a long run in the 7-10 range.  This run was relatively average, but I love the feeling of heading to work on a Friday and knowing that I have completed my "long" run!

Saturday May 21
Run 5.25 mi
I wasn't sure if I was going to have time for a run on Saturday morning, but I managed to fit it in between taking my car to get inspected and meeting my friend and her kids to visit the Lego exhibit at the National Building Museum.  There was less Lego architecture on display than I was expecting, but we did have fun building our own Lego creations. :)

I have a real future in architecture


amy said...

Awesome week! You're right about putting in the time on the bike making you better. I think you're going to surprise yourself when you get into the race next weekend!

Beth said...

Nice week! Doubles are really exhausting at first, but I'd say it only takes about 2-3 weeks until you're completely used to it!

momof3 said...

1) you do have a future in architecture.
2) if I'm going to double, the swim MUST come first, or I am really dysfunctional... really. really. And Beth's right - after a few weeks of doubles you start to wonder why you haven't ALWAYS done doubles... or, er... maybe that's just me. ...

B.o.B. said...

looking good for your tri lady! awesome job on that swim. and you'll get there on the bike (says the girl who hates the bike! lol)

Erin @ UntilYouTri said...

Ooo, congrats on signing up for the Army Ten miler! I am signed up for that, too! I really want to go to that Lego exhibit, too!!

Rachel said...

ugh i'm so jealous of your swim skills! it seems kind of strange to me that the swim for your tri is in a pool...but that will probably be an advantage for you! nice job on the bike distance PR, too. i have to admit i'm still not used to bricks/doubles...i'm always so much more tired on those days! and at this point in my training i honestly can't fathom how people train for a full ironman. cra-zy.